Chapter 10 - Special

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"Pa." One word came out of my mouth after he took off his mask. Tawan was right.

"It's been a year, Vegas. Long time, no see." he said, while trying to hold back his tears.

"You're alive."

"Pa, why are you doing this? Why the fuck are you doing this?! Tell me! "

"Vegas, im sorry" he said while crying.

"Pa, why? Why Pete?"

"Vegas, I'll tell you everything, son. Please just listen to me. Okay, please put the gun down. I'm going to be explaining everything that actually happened."

"I was never loved, Vegas. My dad never loved me. Korn used to be my best bro, my best friend, but maybe he forgot about me because of work. I never felt special. Until i met your mother.
Vegas, your mom and I were bestfriends. She's my only friend because I had no one. At that time, she liked me. She did not tell me that because she didn't want to ruin our friendship. That time, I fell in love with Namphueng. I shouldn't feel that way towards Namphueng because she's my adopted sister. But at that time, I didn't care because we were not blood related. One time I got rejected by Namphueng. I was so angry that I asked your mom to go with me to get a drink. Your mom refused, but I forced her to join me.

After that, there's something that happened between me and your mom. And as time passed, your mom got pregnant. With you. I tried to love her. I tried to love your mother, Vegas. I just couldn't. When we got together, every day we were always fighting. Our relationship was so toxic. One time, when you and Macau were in the room, me and Valencia were in the living room. We were fighting. Your mom went outside, and I heard a gunshot. And I saw your mom laying on the ground. She got shot. No matter how toxic our relationship was, I will never kill your mom, Vegas. She did not make it. She died on our way to the hospital.

Yes, I did not love her. But she was special to me. She became a part of my life. She's the mother of my children. Why would I hate her? I missed her every day until now. And I will not get tired of missing her. Maybe I loved her (Namphueng) . But your mom will always be the special one for me. And i am so lucky to have her. I don't know why, but when she died, that was the time I realized that she was so important to me. It's hard to grow up without a mom. because I felt that too. And Paris, your dog. I did not kill him; he killed himself. He didn't eat because he was waiting for your mom to come back and feed him. But Valencia never came back (because she's dead) , so he starved himself to death. You were only 8 at the time, and I'm so sorry, Vegas.

And as for Pete, Tawan told me to kill him. I will never kill someone that makes you happy, Vega-


I heard a loud gunshot, and I saw my dad fall into the ground, and I saw Tawan holding a gun.



I killed Tawan. I shot him 3 times. Until he fell into the ground.

"Pa, please wait here, okay? I'll call a doctor. " I said while crying.

He held my hands.

"No, don't call them Vegas. I'm going to meet your mom again. Please let me see her again. You can take care of yourself and Macau right? You don't need me anymore. I need to see your mom, i want to say sorry to her. Listen to me Vegas, I might not be the perfect papa for the both of you, but I am so lucky to have you both. I'm so sorry. I promise we'll see each other again. Don't call them, do what I say. I love you both. "

"Pa! Papa! I still need you. " I said. while crying.

"Sir Vegas! What happened?!" Chan said.

"Chan, help me. Pa got shot."

"Sir, Sir Kant doesn't have a heartbeat anymore."

To be continued.
"Pa, can you please comeback?"

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