Chapter 24 - Changed

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I changed my mind. I'll go pick up Pete and Venice at the main family's house. But before that, I'll go to Pete's favorite curry shop for me to buy his favorite southern curry.


Porsche and I were just talking about Vegas being cold to me.

"I don't know why. Is it like a prank or something? If it's a prank, it will only last a day, but he's been ignoring me for days. I've lost count. " I said as I play with my fingers.

"Maybe he's just busy with something. We don't know. " Porsche said

"What is it then? What was the client you were talking about when he said he had a meeting with his client? Then the meeting was rescheduled because the client's wife was sick. Am I right?" Porsche added

"Yes, he said that. I don't know what he was trying to do! " A stated unequivocally.

"Maybe he's telling the truth, boy!" Porsche said 

"I hate him! I hate people when they're cold towards me!"

"Daddy's chill," Porsche said.

We stopped talking and....

Ding! He got a notification from his phone, and by just looking at him, it seemed the text was kind of important because he was shocked and he quickly covered his face with his right hand. I was looking at him confused.

"What's wrong?" I said, with a confused reaction.

"Vegas is surprising you for your birthday!" He said,  WHAT THE HELL KORNWIT IS SURPRISING ME!

He covered his mouth once again with his right hand.

Ding! A notification popped up from his phone, but I didn't care because what he just said was surprising.

"Really?!" My eyes widened, and I was so happy.

And then I also realized.

"So you said it to me already, so it's not a surprise anymore, right?" I added, and I crossed my arms.

"Oh my God, I'm sorry! Please just act surprised! Please huhu," he said, begging me to act surprised.

"What if I told you I don't know how to act? Then what would you do? " I jokingly said

Porsche pleaded and said, "Ai Pete! Please, please forgive me. He's doing this all for you! Act surprised! "

"Chill, I know. I love him for doing that. " I said

"Wow, you just said you hated him earlier." Porsche said, rolling his eyes.

"So yeah, don't forget to act surprised, and I am so sorry for saying it. I'm so sorry I ruined your surprise birthday. It was an accident in Kinn's text that just slipped into my mouth. " Porsche said

"It's okay." I said in response

"Baby!" I heard a familiar voice. It was Vegas.

"Oh baby." I said, and he was walking towards me, and he was holding something in his right hand.

"Baby, let's go now. I bought your favorite southern curry. " He said as he kissed my cheeks. He's not cold anymore, just like he used to be before.

"Okay, let's go now. Venice is with Takhun. They're watching a series in his room." I said

"Huh? Khun watches Cocomelon? Haha. " Vegas said.

"Haha, let's go to Takhun and pick up Venice so we can eat at home." I said, and I saw Posse looking at us nervously.

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