Chapter 22 - cold

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Vegas has gone cold for the past few days. I understand that he's been extremely busy at work. But not sleep in our room? It is really strange. What's happening to him?


My phone vibrates with a notification from Vegas.

(Vegas) Hon, don't go here for now. I'm just really busy. A client of mine has a meeting here in my office.

(Pete) Okay! I love you!

I texted

However, this jerk left me hanging. He just left me on read. He didn't say "I love you too." back. And for a meeting in his own office room?! The company has its own meeting room! Why are you having a meeting in your office room, huh?

"Venice, your daddy is acting weird!"

I said to Venice while he was still laying in his crib. Sleeping..

I called Porsche right away.

"Ai Pete, what happened?" He asked

"Nothing, I just wanted to go there to the main family's house. Is that alright? " I said

"Oh sure sure! I'll wait for you!"

I ended the call so I could prepare things before we went to the main family's house.

"I'm back, baby Venice. We're going to your uncle's. Are you excited, baby? " I held Venice, and I changed his clothes. After I changed his, I changed mine as well.

I went outside our room and knocked on Macau's door, just to ask him if he was going with us.

"Macau? Venice and I are going to the main family's house. Do you want to go with us? " I said out loud.

The door opened.

"Hello Venice! Hello P', um, right now I'm not going with you. I just want to play games for now. I'm not in the mood to go outside. I'm sorry P'. " Macau said, While playing with Venice's small hands.

"Oh okay, just call me if you need something." I said.

"Take care, P'!"

"Take care too!" I responded

"Nop, where are you?" I said

He popped up out of nowhere and said, "Ai here, Pete, what do you need? Or want? " He said it in English.

"Oh, I want to go to the main family's house to visit Venice' uncles. They are probably waiting for me and Venice, so we need to hurry. Let's go. " I said in English too. to match his energy, haha

"Nevermind, let's just speak in Thai. so let's go now. " Nop said.

"You gave up already? Haha." I said

"Yes, I ran out of words." Nop said.

"That's okay! Let's go now. " I said

So Nop, me and Venice are in the car now and driving straight ahead to the main family's house. I just wanted to see if Kinn was also present at the meeting. Or is it just Vegas and his client? Why is he doing this to me? My birthday is coming up in a few days, then he's doing this.

"We are here." Nop said.

"Oh thanks, I'll just message you if I need something."

"Okay," Nop answered.

"Hello, my Pete and Venice! I miss you both. " Khun Noo said.

"So you didn't miss your cousins?" (Vegas and Macau), " I asked

"I miss them sometimes, but I always miss the both of you." Khun Noo answered.

"Give Venice to me!" So Khun Noo said, so I gave Venice to him. "What do you want, baby Ven - Ven? Do you want a BMW? " He added both of my eyes wide opened.

"Khun! He's still a baby! " I said

"Gosh Pete, don't be stupid. It's for his future purposes." Khun Noo said, and he rolled his eyes and walked away.

"Yey, you guys are here." Porsche said

"Yes, we are here! Can I ask where Kinn is?"

"Oh, he's in a meeting." Porsche said

"Can you call him? And ask if Vegas is with him," I said.

"Oh, what happened?" Porsche asked.

"Vegas is gone cold. He's not sick, but he's not giving me attention. " I said.

"Oh okay, I'll just call him."

Kinn answered.

"Pete is here and he wanted to know if Vegas was there in the meeting."


Of course, I didn't heard it, so I'll just wait to hear what Porsche will say.

"Okay bye, I love you!"

Call ends.

"So what did he say?"

"He said Vegas is not there."

Ai Vegas! What are you doing?!

"Wait, I'll chat Vegas." I said coldly to Porsche.


(Pete) Where are you?

(Pete) Vegas!!!!

(Pete) Kinn said, You weren't there in the meeting!!!! You liar!!!!



While Vegas:

To be continued

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To be continued.

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