Chapter 25 - Shopping with Khun

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I woke up and saw our clock in our room. It was already 4 a.m. And Vegas is still awake! My gosh!

"Vegas! Why are you still awake? Are you watching something bad?" I said in an angry tone.

I shake his body to see if he's still awake and the answer is he's not! He is sleeping already! Then I saw his phone and the video was playing. It was a YouTube tutorial on how to bake a cake.

"Caught you, haha," I said in a lower tone. I carefully took the phone from his hand. And I kissed his cheeks, for a good, good night. Or not, it's morning already, goddammit Pete! Haha

8 am

The sun rises from above, and my eyes are already open because of the light coming from the sun. I woke up and I could feel Vegas was behind me, hugging me from the back. I tried to take off his hands from my waist because I was going to look at Venice's if he was still asleep, and I would go down and cook breakfast for the three of us and feed Venice because I'm pretty sure Venice is awake and hungry now.

"Where are you going? Let's still sleep. " He said. As he always does, he will hug me tightly, preventing me from leaving.

"Let go, I'm going to make breakfast for us, and Venice is for sure hungry by now." I said, trying to let go of his hug.

He slowly opened his eyes to see me and said, "Okay, but before that." He pouted his lips. as a sign for me to kiss him.

"Just a kiss. Venice is waiting for me." I said

He didn't answer. He just continued pouting, waiting for my lips.

I slowly got closer to his face. And my lips touch his. It's only a peck.

"Okay, go now; our baby is waiting for you." Vegas said, and I looked at him silently.

"Why are you still here? Do you want more? " He said, and he winked at me.

"No!" I said.

"Then why are you still here, baby?" He asked

"I love you." I said sweetly.

"I love you more." And he went closer to me and he kissed my cheek. Then I blushed. He saw it and he just smirked and didn't say anything.

"Okay, I'll go now to see Venice and then go down to the kitchen to cook." I said and stood up, then went towards Venice's crib to see my son, of course.

I saw Venice, and he's still sleeping.

"Vegas, can you look after Venice? He's still sleeping. I'll go down now to make our breakfast." I said

"No problem," he said while looking at his phone in confusion.

"Okie thanks!" I said sweetly.


Oh God, why did I sleep? Maybe he saw it, or maybe not? 50/50, but let's just hope for the best. He did not see it.

His birthday is already tomorrow, but I need to practice how to bake a cake first. I need Tankhun's distraction!

I dialed Khun's number.

"Ai Vegas, why did you call me?" He said this in a 'just woken up person' tone.

"I wanted you to go shopping with Venice and Pete." I said

"Why all of a sudden?" He asked

"No reason, just go to the mall with them and, you know, buy them clothes." I said

"I've been wanting to do this! Thanks, don't worry about the money. I'm on it. " Khun excitedly said

"Okay, okay, um, maybe call Pete at 10 a.m." I said.

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