Chapter 4 - Person of interest

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The door opened.

"Vegas, We found him."
Kinn said, while breathing heavily.

"Found who?"
I ask, who did they find? Is it the suspect who stabbed Pete?

"Porsche and I found Tawan."
Kinn answered.

I don't want to wait till the weekend. I'm going to interview all of them now. I don't want to waste my time. I don't want to wait anymore. I gave Pete a goodbye kiss, and Tankhun and I went to the main family's house to check on Tawan. All of the bodyguards that are also involved are going to be interviewed. Especially Ken.

"Kinn, Porsche, please take care of him."

I said and they nodded as their response.

I am driving right now to go to the main family's house, and Tankhun is with me because he also wanted to interview Tawan and the bodyguards. Is it really Tawan who stabbed Pete? Right now, I don't want to trust anyone. Everyone is so weird, even my brother. I don't know if he's scared or nervous about something.

I feel like I'm being watched every time. It's weird. I don't know.

Tankhun said

I responded

"Why do you look so uncomfortable? Is there something bothering you?"
He said.

"Um, I really don't know. I'm just overthinking things for the past few days. I really want to know who stabbed Pete. I don't know, I'm just really stressed out because of work and now this."
I said.

I'm so stressed right now and I want to see Pete's smile. Damn it, I miss his smile.

"C'mon man, don't worry. Always see the positive side of everything that you do." He said

"I'll try, for my Pete" i answered

" Listen to me. Life is just like a movie. We don't know what the ending will be. Maybe it's a happy ending or a sad ending. Or maybe we already know what the ending will be because it got spoiled by someone we know. In our situation right now, we don't know what the ending will be. We still don't know who did all of this, We still don't know if this is all planned and we're still waiting for Pete to wake up. Every movie has a first part the intro, and this is most likely only the beginning. We need to be patient so we can understand the whole story And I forgot to mention the plot twist. Maybe there's a plot twist, but we still don't know because we're still at the beginning. Be patient."
He said.

Damn, I'm shocked. I didn't know this guy would be smart.

"You're really smart. I thought Pete was just joking when he said to me that you're really smart. Haha."

"Do I look like I'm dumb?"


"How dare you?!"

"I'm just joking, but you're really smart. I think all of us are smart. Kim is also intelligent, Kinn also, you, Macau, and I are all born with it."

"Thanks." He said coldly

"Oh wait, someone texted me. Hold on."

"Ooh is it dr. Top? Haha."

"I wish."

"Who is it then?"


"Oh ok. What did he said?"

"He will help you with the business while you're busy investigating the case."

"Oh really."

The main family has already helped my brother and I with so many things after our dad passed away. My life has gotten alot better when I'm with them. But now I'm dealing with something again. It's like my dad is a ghost that haunts me to just ruin my life again. I swear to God, if next life he's my father again, I don't even know what to do. Please give me a break.

And we had already arrived at the main family's house. And I saw Uncle Korn waiting for us.

"Hello Vegas! Can we talk? Just the two of us before you interview the person of interest. I mean, not only a person, because they're so many. Haha." Uncle Korn greeted me

"Pa, a person of interest means no one can say that this person is a suspect right? Because they aren't yet. Because there isn't enough information to prove that they're guilty or not" Tankhun said

"Yes, Tankhun. But for a moment, son, Vegas and I need to talk about something important. Is that alright?" Uncle Korn said.

"Yes, Pa, just call me when you guys are done." Khun answered

"Are you alright?" Uncle asked me

"Yes, but I'm just a little bit stressed." I said in response

"Soo, Vegas I heard Pete got stabbed by someone. Can I help you with that? And did Tankhun already tell you that I would take care of the business while you're investigating?"

"It's your choice, uncle. If you want to help me investigate for Pete, and for the business, yes, Khun already told me about that. Thank you very much, Uncle."

"Yes, of course I want to help. Pete was a great bodyguard when he was working here, and you are always welcome. Don't worry, we'll get the work done as soon as possible. I have connections, don't worry." Uncle said

"Khun, my son, Vegas, and I have finished talking. You guys can go now. Thank you."

"Let's go" Tankhun said.

To be continued.
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