Chapter 2 - Sweet Killer

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Chapter 2


"Is he okay?"

Kinn asked

"Yea, the doctor said he's now okay, he's just in a coma but they don't know when he will wake up." I responded

"Do you now know the suspects? Do you already know who did this?"

Porsche asked

"No, not yet, but I'm working with it."

"Why did you bring the curry with you?" Kinn asked me

"I bought it. Just in case he wakes up, we'll both eat it together. This is his favorite meal: Southern Curry plus sweet and sour pork."

I said while smiling, but I didn't realize that I was tearing up. I want to hug him right now. I promised that we'd eat his favorite dish together. Who did this to you, Pete? Can you please wake up and talk to me? I miss everything about you. I miss your cute angry voice. I miss your cute smile. I miss you so much. Please wake up. I love you so much, you know that. I will do everything to give you the justice you deserve.

3 days later

I'm always beside him. I'm always in his room just to check if he's alright.

Then i fell asleep..*yawn*

"Pa, no!"

"Why are you gay?!"

"I don't know Pa" I said while crying

"Be a man! Just like Kinn!"



"I don't want a gay son! Be a man! Do you think having good grades is enough to be a good son to me? No! Be a man like me."

I always get compared to Kinn because he's taller and stronger than me. I always read books; I love reading books, but my dad doesn't want that. He wants me to hold a gun instead of a book. Why am I so unlucky? It's not my fault that I exist. In fact, I hate being alive. It's not my fault that they made me.

The only lucky things that happened to me were Pete and Macau. I'm so lucky that I have them. They made me realize that I still have a family waiting for me. They made me realize that I deserved to be loved. 

That A psycho like me deserves a second chance and a new life. But the only person I know who ruined me when I was a child is my own father. I hate him so much. He killed my mom. He killed my dog. He killed everything that made me happy. He does not want me to be happy. I hate him. 

I woke up around 9:30 pm. Damn, that's not a good sleep at all. I looked at Pete and kissed his forehead. I told him how much I loved him.

Right now, I'm investigating. Tankhun is helping me investigate. Not only him, but the whole main and minor family. Wait a minute, I just noticed we have a surveillance camera in our room. Not just in our room, but our whole house. I checked our CCTV and I already saw it, i already saw the file.

A man in full black clothes and wearing a black mask. Watching him stabbing Pete makes my blood boil. Why did he do this? I'm crying seeing Pete is just waiting for me and for his favorite dish.

The police, the main family, and I are investigating. And the police said that they had found some evidence. We just need to study it just to be sure.

Tankhun started to think that it was one of our bodyguards. He thinks one of our bodyguards betrayed us. I'm starting to stress out. Why would one of our bodyguards betray me and Pete? Why Pete? And not me?

There's something very suspicious. The study doesn't match. Well, every investigation is useless. They don't match. Every situation the police say is nonsense. I just know it is planned by someone who hates me, not Pete. I looked at Pete, and went towards him.

"Pete, hon, please wake up and tell me who did this to you. The CCTV is also not helping, its glitching all the time. "


"Vegas! Let him rest. You go back to work. " Tankhun said.

"You again? You're always here to annoy me. You're not even helping me or Pete."I said jokely.

"How dare you say that to me! Without me, you and Pete are

nothing. "

"Oh really?! Well without me, Dr. Top, and you guys will not meet "

"Oh really okay."

"Wow, no comment?"

"Damn it, let's go back to work."

Tankhun said,

"Okay, so have you interviewed the bodyguards?" He added,

"No not yet. Maybe this weekend I'm going to interview them all."

"I'm going with you."

"Okay,it's your choice."



To be continued.

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