Chapter 8 - Lies

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My sons, Vegas and Macau, Please wait for me. Pete, I'm so sorry. I just need to do this. I want them to hear my side. I was saved by Tawan. He's the one who told me to kill Pete. Now that Tawan has the power, he has one request. He wanted Vegas and him to be back together again. I tried to kill Pete to pay Tawan for saving me. But I heard that Pete is still alive and still in a coma. Tawan has given me another chance to kill Pete again.

I wanted to tell Vegas everything and I also wanted to say sorry. He needs to know everything. Now that Vegas and Tankhun are not with Pete, it's now my chance.

I am driving now to go to the hospital where Pete is. I also know the room number because Tawan told me. I killed so many people in the past, but I never felt guilty about killing them. But now I feel so guilty. I killed his mom, and I also killed his dog, and now I'm killing the person whom he truly loved. What kind of father am I? Why am I like this? If they don't understand me, so do I. I always hate myself.

I have a knife with me, the same knife I used when I tried to kill Pete.

"Pete, I'm sorry." I said, I didn't even realize that I was crying." My hands are sweating and shaking at the same time. Shit, shit, shit. I just can't kill the person who truly loved my son.


"What are you doing?!"


Today I'm with Tawan. He said he'd tell me something important. Maybe it's for Pete, so I went with him. We went to a cafe where we used to date before.

"Remember this?" Tawan asked.

"Remember what?"

"This cafe, this is where we used to date, right?"

"Yeah, I remember,"

"I brought you here because I'm here to tell you the killer-I mean the suspect." He said

"Who is it?"

"Your dad."

"How do you say so?" He's already dead. "

"C'mon, think about it. He's trying to kill Pete to make you sad. He kills everyone you've ever loved. There's a possibility that he's still alive. "

I don't know what he's trying to prove, but I'm done with this meeting. How can he possibly tell that my pa is still alive? Is he a fortune teller?

"I'm done with this. I'm leaving now. Pete is alone. Take care."


This meeting is a waste of time. I should have just stayed in the hospital. Now I'm in my car driving to go to the hospital.


I'm with Vegas today, and I'm so happy that he agreed that we'd go to the cafe where we always date. Now my plan is working. Kant is in the hospital right now. And today's the day he's killing Pete. After that, Pete will be dead. Then I will comfort Vegas. After that, me and Vegas will be together. Now I'm going to tell Vegas the suspect is his dad. Why not? Kant is paying me because I was the one who saved his life.

I miss this. I miss the feeling that I'm with Vegas again. But he looks like he doesn't have an interest in what I'm saying. Dammit Pete! You deserve to die, because me and Vegas didn't last long because of you.

I'm done with this. I'm leaving now. Pete is alone. Take care."


I hurriedly grabbed my phone and called Kant.


"Fuck answer the phone!"

"Tawan why?"

"Kill Pete already! Vegas is on his way there! Hurry!"

"Okay. Bye."

Call ended.


I'm in the hospital right now, and I'm on my way to Pete's room. I don't know why, but I have a feeling that Tawan still has feelings for me. But that's not my problem right now.

I'm now in front of Pete's room.


And right there, I saw a man wearing black pants, a black T-shirt, and also wearing a mask. He's standing beside Pete while holding a knife. It's the suspect who tried to kill Pete.

"What are you doing?!"

To be continued.

"He's now awake"

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