Chapter 3 - Planned?

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Said Khun (khun short for Tankhun)


I said in response while looking at my laptop to work on the files in the CCTV to find the evidence.

"I think the one did it is.."


I looked at him with confusion.

Looking at his face, he seemed kind of nervous.

"Tell me, why is your face like that? Are you scared? C'mon, there's nothing to be scared of. Khun, tell me who do you think did all of this?"

"I think it's Tawan"

Khun said nervously.

"Oh really? Why do you think he did it? Is it because he's my ex? Or he's Kinn's ex? And he should've stabbed me, not Pete."

"You have a point. But still"

"But still, what? Isn't he dead already? I heard Kinn shot him already. Is he still alive?"

"Yes, he did survive. He escaped, but Kinn and Porsche are still looking for him." He answered.

" I mean, every bad person doesn't get killed so easily. Like you."

He said jokely

"Like What?!"

I said in a loud voice.

"Like you, are you deaf?"

"Damn, you got shot like five times and you're still here investigating. C'mon. I remember Pete taking care of you. Because you got shot. Because of you, he doesn't care about me anymore. I'm his boss. He should care about me more, but guess what? He resigned because of you. You're lucky to have him. I'm happy for the both of you." He added

"Yes, I am so lucky to have him. Why are you jealous? Haha"

"Yes! Because he's like my little brother, he's always there when I'm feeling sad or if I want to watch our fave series, he's there. Kinn and Kim always leave me because they always have something to do or they'll say they're busy."

"Oh really." I answered while looking at my loptop.

"So do you think I'm right, Vegas? Do you also think it's Tawan?"

"50/50" i said

"What do you mean 50/50?"

"I answered 50/50 because we're not still sure who did this to him. I don't want to kill someone who didn't do anything. I just need to be sure. Let's investigate first and study every person. But I'm sure that this is all planned. I'm really sure about that."

"Yes, you're right. Mhm, is it Ken?"

"Yes, he's one of the bodyguards that I'm going to investigate, and I'm still angry because he left Pete alone in the house. And plus, he's my dad's bodyguard. It's still very suspicious."


"Hi bro is P'Pete okay?"

My brother Macau, who entered the room, looked worried about Pete. He felt guilty after what happened. 

"Yes, he's alright. Macau, don't worry, Pete will be fine. He's a strong man. Don't feel guilty; it's not your fault. But I have one question for you is that okay?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"Oh sorry, two questions."

"Sure, sure what is it?"

"Did you lock the main door and the gate before leaving?"

"Yes, I locked the gate, but the main door, no. P'Pete told me that he would lock it himself." He answered

"Okay, one more question. Is there a bodyguard who was still in the house before you left?"

"Yes, P'Ken."

"What is he wearing?"

Khun ask

"I think he was wearing a white t-shirt and black jeans. I am not really sure."

"Oh okay thanks" i said

"Damn, Vegas, this is harder than a puzzle." Khun said



"Kinn, Why? Why are you guys here?"

"Vegas, We found him."

"Found who?"

To be continued

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