Chapter 17 - A baby?

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I love Vegas so much, but does he want a baby with me? I'd always wanted to have a child. A family. And I wanted to do all that with Vegas. Maybe I'll just wait for God to give us a son or a daughter at the right time. I don't know. Mhm, I'll ask Vegas right now.

Right now, Vegas is doing some paperwork for the company. He's just focusing on his computer.

"Vegas, can I ask you something?" I asked.

"Mhm, what is it, baby? You hungry?" He asked while just looking at his computer.

"No, I'm not hungry yet. I just need to ask you something. " I said.

"What is it?" He asked. I can see his confused face even though he's still focusing on his laptop.

"Um, I want to have a baby." I said with no hesitation.

"What a baby! I'm your baby, right? Am I not enough to be your baby? " He said, and finally he's looking at me with his puppy eyes.

"No! Um yes! You're my baby, but I want to have a baby like a son. I wanted to have a family with you! " I said.

"Okay, we'll have a baby. Just wait for me in bed. " He said jokely. 

"Huh? No! But really, Vegas, I wanted to have a baby. " I said with a serious expression.

"But, didn't we make a promise to each other? We'll get married first, hon. " He said, while kissing my hands gently.

"I know. Okiee, I'll wait," I said, then I gave him a big smile.

"But right now I'm still your baby, OKIE?" He said, then he hugged me.

And I hugged him back.

I understand that having a child is a full-time job, and Vegas doesn't want me to be stressed. But I really wanted a baby! I promised I would take care of him or her. But Vegas and I already have a plan. We'll get married, and then we'll have a baby. But what if we'll a child first and then get married after that? That's good too.


"Awwww, Vegas look! HAHAHA. "

Every time I watch or a video of a baby just pops out on my for you page, I always show it to Vegas. Huhu. 


Pete really wants to have a baby. He really wants to have his own family. I want to too, but I don't want him to get stressed. Having a baby is not just like having a pet. Having a baby needs to be a 100% responsibility. And of course, Pete is not the only one who'll take care of it. Of course, me too. But we have already planned something for our future. Getting married first, then having a baby. He kept showing me a lot of baby videos and pics to convince me, I guess. But if that plan changes, that's fine too.

Morning breakfast (only Macau and Vegas)

I guess Macau and I are the only ones eating breakfast today because Pete is in the main family's house to watch with Tankhun, I guess.

"Hey Bro." I said.

"Hey, what's up?" He responded.

"Your P'Pete really wants a baby." I said

Then he looked up at me and said,

"Yeah, he kept asking if it's okay if there's a baby in the house."

"He said that?" I asked.

"Yeah and I said yes," Macau answered.

"Then what did he say next?"

"He said he's not sure yet, he'll wait for the right time." Macau said with a smile.

"Is it okay for you?" I asked him.

"Yes, of course I can't wait to be an uncle, but am I too young to be an uncle yet?" He asked.

"Hm, I guess you're old enough." I said.

"Ah okay, then I'll wait for you both." He said with a wink.

"Okay, okay, finish your food; your P'Pete made it for you." I said

"I'm pretty sure P'Pete is already pregnant; he just doesn't want to let you know." Macau said.

"I love you, bro, but what you just said is complete nonsense. Your P'Pete is a guy. " I said

"I love you too, bro, but I cannot believe that you didn't know what a joke is." Macau said.

"Aww!" I pinched his thumb.

"Eat your food, Macau." I said

"Sir, yes sir!" He said then he continued eating his food.


I'm now here at the main family's house because Khun Noo asked me to watch a movie with him again.

Ring Ring~

"Oi! Who's that? " Khun asked.

"I'm sorry, Khun, just continue watching. I'll just answer Vegas real quick."


To be continued.

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