Chapter 13 - Double Date?

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We are now going home because the funeral for Pa has already finished. On the way home, Tankhun went with us! Likeee why?

"Hey! Why are you with us, huh? You have your own car or something, right? " I said to Khun.

"Hey you too! I'm not here because of you, Gas-Gas. I'm here because of Pete! And yes, I do have a car! I just want to stay with my nong because I missed him! " He said

"Oh how sweet Khun Noo, I miss you too!" Pete said while giving Khun a big sweet smile.

"Hey, what did you just say? You "miss" that guy? Bleh."

"Stop it already, Gas-Gas! Haha, what a cute nickname." Pete said.

"Yes, we used to call him that when he was just like 5 or something." Tankhun said

"You like Gas-Gas? Okay, I want you to scream my nickname tonight. " I said with a smirk on my lips.

"Ew! Disgusting! I want to puke! " Khun said in a sassy voice.

"I know right, Khun Noo! Like ew! " Pete said, also using a sassy tone.

"I missed you, Pete."

"I missed you too, Khun Noo!"

"Ai Khun!" I said in an angry tone.

"What?" Khun said.

"Stop it already! Pete, you're making me jealous!" I said.

"Boy, I'm not doing anything to make you jealous! Like c'mon! " Pete said.

"Okay. Then continue being sweet to each other! " I said in a cold voice.

"So anyways, Pete my nong, can we go to the mall both Saturday and Sunday? Then let's watch some series in my room! Like we used to do before! "

 "Yes! That would be fun, Khun." Pete said excitedly.

"No." I said coldly.

"Why no? " Tankhun said.

"Just the two of you? Without me?" I said

"Uh huh, what you just said is correct." Khun said.

"And you think I'll say yes? My answer will be no. If Pete is not going with me, then he's not going shopping with you. " I said.

"But if he's going with me, then I'll let him." I added.

"Let's ask Pete then, what's your answer, Pete?" Tankhun said.

"Um Khun Noo, can Vegas go with us? Dr. Top can go with us too! So it's like a double date! That would be fun, right? " Pete said.

"See? He can't go out without me. My baby can't go out without me. " I said proudly.

"Ai Khun, I've already changed my mind. Let's go without him. " He said it sarcastically.

"Yes! Haha. " Khun said

"Wait a minute! What no!" Shocked, I said.

" I'm just joking. We were going out with you. I don't want to be a third wheel, " he said while laughing.

"Ai Pete, I thought you had changed your mind already!" Khun said.

"Of course, and Dr. Top and you will make my baby lonely." I said.

"Yes, Khun, and double date. You know, it's fun! " Pete said.

"You've had a double date before? With whom?" I said. Pete, double date with whom?

"Me, you, Porsche, and Kinn, right? We went with them. And it was fun. You don't remember it already? "

"Ahh, yes! We went with them, and I remember that night after we got home. It was spicy, right baby? " I said.

"What?!" Tankhun said, shocked.

"Khun, don't think anything bad. We just ate spicy southern curry that night. Don't worry, afterwards we slept because we were so tired. " Pete explained

"You watched so many bad series! That's why you're green-minded now! " I said it jokingly.

"No! It's not like that!" Tankhun said.

"And Pete, who said to you that Dr. Top and I are already dating?" Is it this guy who told you! " Tankhun said. Wow, he changed the topic. HAHAHA.

"No, he didn't say it to me, it's just obvious, Khun. And I'm so happy that you're happy now with Dr. Top. If he ever tries to hurt you, I will hurt him back for you. "

"Yes, we are so happy for you!" I said.

"Techuu, labb uu!" Khun said, in a baby voice.

"So are we going to the mall at the weekend or not?" He added.

"Yes! Of course, and I want to go shopping to buy new clothes. " Pete said

"Me too!" Khun said

"We are now in front of your house, Tankhun! Get out." I said while smiling.

"Hey! Don't say that! I'm sorry, Khun Noo. " Pete said.

"Okay, okay, bye Pete, take care!" Tankhun said.

"Only him? What about me? " I said.

"Bye Pete!" He said

"Take care, Khun Noo!" 

"This guy is really crazy."


"Hello? Macau, where are you? Are you still with Porchay?"

"Yes, I'm still with him. Don't wait for me! Maybe I'll go home tomorrow morning, Bro! Take care! "

"Take care also! Love you!"

"Love you too, Hia!"

Call ends.

"Who is it?" Pete asked.

"It's Macau, he's with Porchay."

"When will he comeback?" Pete asked.

"He said maybe tomorrow morning." I said

"I have a feeling, I think Macau likes Porchay."

"I think so too."

To be continued.

Special scene.
"Hon, Macau is not home."

"So what?"

"We can do things."

"Like what?"

"Like you know, mwah mwah choop choop."

"Okay. Are you sure he'll come back tomorrow morning? "



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