Chapter 32 - What's mine is yours

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We are now on the plane. This is a private plane. I'm not trying to brag, but I own it. And yes, if you are still asking, I am nervous, but here we are.

Pete is in front of me holding Venice. Nop is with us. So yeah, looking at Pete, he's sleeping. Our flight was four hours, so he chose to sleep.

Pete is so cute. Why is he so cute? Gosh, it's making me angry. This cuteness will attract other boys for sure. But I can't really blame them either, because Pete's naturally cute.

Hmm, what if I'm right and Pete has an ex? That ex must be jealous because he chose me! Hays, this flight is stressing me out.

Pete was telling me that he wanted to get us married on their island. But it's still not official. We'll still talk about it. The reason is that his grandparents will not travel. And they are not used to it. I understand.

Our Venice is sleeping with his dad, while I, Vegas, am just staring at their beautiful faces. I am so lucky to have them both. I thank Pa and Ma for telling God to give them to me. I am so grateful.

Pete slowly started to open his eyes, and his eyes were looking at me while I was looking straight at his face, mesmerized. God, why am I so dumb when it comes to him?

"Vegas, why are you not sleeping? We're still so far. " He said.



"Aw Pete, I'm so sorry. I'm just, uhh, shit. This is your fault. " I said, and after I said that, I knew he would get mad.

"How is it my fault, huh? Did I do something wrong? "

"Tell me."

"It's your fault for being so cute. How can I focus when I see your beautiful face in front of me? "

And there's Nop...

**Plays the "Careless Whisper" intro**

I looked at Nop and he gave me a thumbs up! You need your salary raised! I got you!

I winked at him back as my response.

My head turned back to Pete, and I could see how his smile was on his face. so visible that it affected me and I smiled back.

"You know that "Careless Whisper" is a breakup song, right? HAHAHA. " Pete said, laughing. Gosh, I forgot!

"Ai Nop, turn it off! Why would you do that? " I said angrily.

He turned it off.

"Ai, sorry sir, I forgot. I played it because the intro was so sexy and romantic. Hehe, sorry Pete and Sir Vegas. " Nop said.

"And what did you say, Vegas? When you see a beautiful face, you can focus. So there are beautiful faces you see. Not only me, huh? " He said in a sassy tone.

And that's when I realized...

"You didn't say it specifically."

"Gosh Pete, me looking for someone? Me? Having the most stunning fiancee? Gosh, if I ever did that, I would probably need glasses. I already have you, Pete, and we have this boy already. " I said, pointing at the sleeping guy.

"Ha! You Vegas! If you really love me, name this plane my name. "

"I already did that. You didn't know, baby? " I said


"Nevermind, yes, I already named this plane 'Pete.' Let's eat."

*time skip

"Eat slowly, baby, you might choke on food." I said, looking at him. His cheeks are so full because of the food.

"I don't choke, you know that. I'm used to it. I'm a pro. " He said as he winked at me.

He may appear inoccent, but that is just his face.

After he said that, we heard Nop choked.

"You alright?" I asked.

"Want some water?"

"I'm fine, sir; I've got my water here."

"Oh, okay."

I looked back to Pete, and he looked back to me after the both of us looked at Nop, staring at each other in awkward silence. After that, we burst out laughing.

One of our love language is telling dirty jokes. It's one of our bonds.

"Let's finish eating haha." He said

"Yes, baby."

*Time jump (we had just slept)

"Sir, we're here."

(Location: Bed in the airplain, Position: Vegas hugging Pete, (Venice has his own bed on their plane))

"Pete, baby, wake up."

"Huh why?"

"Oh you still want to sleep? That's fine. Let's go back to sleep. "

"No, Baby, I'm asking why."

"Because we're already here."

"Huh?! Lets go down now! " Pete said.

We have already gotten off the plane, but before we go, I tap Pete's back to show the airplane's name. Maybe earlier, he didn't see it because it was still dark when we got to Theerapanyakul Airport. But now it's morning, so the sun is shining.

"Pete, look," I said, and I pointed to the big name on the airplane.

"You really did that?" Pete asked, as if he was about to cry.

"Yes, you like it? You can have it. "

I went closer to his face to kiss him. He kissed me back.

We stopped kissing.

"What's mine is yours."

"Ai Vegas, you're making me cry."

"Haha, sorry baby. I love you tomorrow.

"I love you too tomorrow."

"Let's go now; we'll see them in an hour." He said

**an hour later

The island is fresh, beautiful, unique, clean and here we are...

"Ai Pete!" we heard someone shout. I saw Pete widen his eyes. I knew what the meaning of it. It's them.

To be continued....

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