Chapter 15 P.2⚡️

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Alessia's POV:

Once Rocco arrived for us to go out on our activity for the day, he told me to go to my room and put on some activewear.

So I made my way upstairs into my bedroom before going into the closet to pick out an outfit. He never mentioned what we were doing and now I'm really curious.

I decided on black and white Nike shorts with a black crop top and over the top a comfortable black tracksuit just in case.

I decided on black and white Nike shorts with a black crop top and over the top a comfortable black tracksuit just in case

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Once I got everything I need I made my way back down where Rocco was waiting. He started walking towards the car so I followed along without saying a word as we got into he's matte black Lamborghini.

"Where we going?" I asked him while eyeing him up and down curiously.

I haven't spoken to Rocco much out of everyone but he seems the one that's much more similar to me other then my triplets. He's quiet unless he has something necessary to say and anger that's beyond words but he seems more angry at the world and himself which I'm not sure why but have a pretty good idea.

"We're going to a fight club piccolo sorella" He replied and immediately smirked when he most likely saw my eyes light up.

Me and Ares haven't been to a fight club in a while. Before my family came to get us we were planning to go not long after but turns of events happen and now we're here.

We listened to music on our way their which mostly consisted of Chase Atlantic as we seem to have the same music taste.

We arrived at a blacked out warehouse building with two bodyguards on the outside who stepped out the way once they saw Rocco but paused when they saw me.

"Who's this?" One asked while eyeing me and the other slowly made their way on the other side of me to see if I'm going to do anything.

"Don't fucking piss her off, she's my sister" Rocco grumbled while glaring at them. Their eyes widened.

"She's the Marino princess?" The other one asked in disbelief which seems to be the most common reaction.

"Yes now before she kills you move out of the fucking way." Rocco told them once he saw how impatient I was getting. Pissing me off. I really need to have a fight.

They immediately moved out of the way after nodding in respect when Rocco led me to a VIP area that has 3 boys sitting their around our age.

"Hey man where you been"
"You disappeared without saying a word bro"
"Whose the girl?" That's when all their eyes finally landed on me.

"Fuck this, I'm going for a fight I'll meet with you after." I rolled my eyes annoyed with everyone questioning everything today.

I turned around and signed up for a fight.

Rocco POV:

"That's my sister" I told them proudly as we watched her make her way up to the ring.

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