Chapter 2⚡️

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Alessia's POV:

"Wake your lazy ass up bro"

That was definitely not the way I wanted to wake up at 6am for school when I don't even need to go.

I have this weird feeling that somethings going to happen today and I have no clue why. This is gonna mess with my head all day but who doesn't love a bit of drama sometimes. My thoughts are cut off by a 6foot 4 giant full of muscle jumping on my bed.

"What the fuck do you want it's way to early for this shit!" I exclaimed in an angry tone.

"We've got to go to school, the queen b is coming back today after you beat her last time. I want to have some fun today so get your ass up because we are having a good day ahead." Ares my best friend said smiling happily.

With Ares, I can never be mad at him for too long or at all in general. If it wasn't for him I probably wouldn't be who and where I am today. He was kind of like my angel that saved me from all the torment we have been through we came out the other end together. No matter what or where we go we always stay together- our promise to never leave each other because in the darkest of times we always save one another. He is the only person who has ever shown me care and love I should have gotten with a family when growing up, there is no one that could possible make me let Ares loose. Without one or the other were nothing.

"Okay fine! I'm getting up but your going to get ready fast as your driving and buying me breakfast fat ass." I replied back smiling just as happily to him. No one would ever see me smile apart from him.

He started grinning like an absolute manic and ran out of my room like he was being chased by his biggest fear. I just chuckle to myself at how crazy he is.

I get up and had a shower. The mirror in the bathroom shows me all of my scars that I have gotten since the beginning of my childhood. They used to be a reminder how weak I once was. From that point on I made sure to never be in that position again. Over the years I've grown more confident with my scars and they don't bother me as much as they used to because if anyone has a problem or says a bad thing about them I have free reign on if I want them to die- Ares promised me that one. He's made a few rules a couple of years ago because apparently I go 'all crazy psycho bitch' on people, when they say things I don't like, he's not completely wrong but we all have our problems.

With the steam fogging up the glass and the water cascades down my back, I do my morning routine and get out once I've finished. I walk into my walk-in closet and pick an outfit for today.

Most of my clothes are dark unless I have to go to events for both the legal and illegal business's

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Most of my clothes are dark unless I have to go to events for both the legal and illegal business's.

Once I've finished getting dressed I go downstairs to meet Ares who was already dressed in a white muscle tee, black jeans, leather jacket and our matching doc martins.

"There you are! let's go bitch" he exclaimed running out to my Audi R8 that he wants to drive today.

I follow after him and get into the passenger seat. As always he put our favourite Chase Atlantic playlist on as we scream the lyrics out. We pull up to Starbucks where we both order a coffee and something for breakfast before we make our way to hell.

Pulling up into the tall and spacious red brick building that has hundreds of spaces for other students. As usual everything quieten downs around us as we step out of the car and link our arms together and make our way down the hall. Looks of envy and jealousy as well as lust and adoration coming from all different faces that we completely ignore.

Turning up to first period Mr.Turner turns around and sees us as we kick open the classroom door.

"We'll if it isn't the duo again" he sighed exasperated already.

"Come on old man you know to just carry on your lessons by now" Ares explained as if he was talking to an idiot which earned him a completely offended face from the teacher. Once he goes back to teaching we walk to the back of the class by the windows which are our usual seats in all of our classes.

History has always bored me. We learn old dates and events that have happened yet if it was so important we'd already know and the useless ones we'd never remember anyways.

Ares got bored halfway through the lesson and started drawing around the cuts and bruises forming around my knuckles to make a funny pictures. Smiling at myself for the damage I did.

{Flashback- before class}

Walking towards our history lesson slowly as we was already late, we went on our way until we heard around the number of 7 pairs of footsteps.

Turning around we come into contact with 6 jocks and the queen b Bianca who looks like she need to have a a whole new makeover to happen- she's wearing a short skirt that just about covers her ass and a tiny crop top with 6 inch platform heels and bleach blonde hair that looks like it's going to snap.

"We'll I have back up this time you won't be able to do shit whore" Bianca said in a snobbish way.

Me and Ares looked at each other and tried not to laugh in their faces at how easily it would be to take them down without them realising till they are on the floor. We kept our cold composures and turn around in sync to see what was about to play out.

One by one the six guys all run up to us. With a few rounds of them failing to get a hit on me or Ares, we are now standing in the middle of the circle looking outside to Bianca who looks terrified with what she saw and has an extremely pale face. Looking down at the guys who are all groaning and whimpering in pain like idiots with blood dripping down their faces which mixes into their tears, I turn to look back at Bianca who is slowly backing away.

"Darling where do you thinking your going?" I looked at her with a sinister smirk on my face.

She sprints as fast as she could in her heels but end up tripping over after 3 steps and I go to her and-

{Flashback over}

I get disrupted from my thoughts when the intercom announces something.

"A-alessia B-black and Ares M-madden to the principles office." The receptionist stutters out with a hint of fear in her voice and the sound of our names we stand up and link arms again before we make our way out of the class but not before turning around and throwing our middle fingers up to the class and teachers.

"Adios Chico's" we say before heading to the office.

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