Chapter 14⚡️

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Aleksei Volklov POV:

Ocean blue.

Piercing crystal blue eyes.

The first thing that drew me to her.

I have never been one to look at another and feel anything above hatred and anger unless it was my family or friends.

I looked at her.

I've never seen such alluring eyes in my life.

She exited the car with long powerful strides with a large aura that radiated dominance that surrounded her. It had even me wanting to submit.

She walked ahead like she was on a mission with a deathly look upon her face.

Her gorgeous, long, midnight black hair swayed down her back with blood embedded from root to tips. She had an all black outfit on from black baggy cargo pants that still complemented her figure perfectly with a short sleeved t-shirt as well as combat boots. To top it off she had a large leather jacket that she's used to wrap something up in her arms.

She was utterly beautiful.

Never seen anyone as beautiful as her.

Alessia. Warrior. Alluring.

Alessia risked her life for my sister and for that me and my family owe absolutely everything to her. She showed a care for my family that's never happened before and I couldn't help but feel this warm feeling that's so unknown. She didn't care she was shot and had a huge amount of loss.

I'm so happy my little sister is back. Without her our family was slowly loosing any piece of humanity that we had left in us. My mother was a wreck without her child. My father was slowly becoming the cold hearted man he was before he met my mother. My brothers didn't know what to do with themselves. I was becoming more ruthless and cold than everyone already calls me.

I never knew that the Marinos had a daughter. No one knew anything about any of them as of 17 years ago anything surrounding them became unknown. Around when the youngest 2 boys (Marco and Matteo) were introduced at a mafia ball 4 years ago was the only time anyone had seen them since they were born.

My parents told me that they had gone dark so nobody knew about the children and everyone thought the same.

I wonder where she has been?

Once Mila woke up we all have her hugs and kisses before her little voice shouted out with wide eyes. We didn't want her moving out of the bed as she still wasn't fully recovered but she wouldn't take no as an answer.

As stubborn as my mother.

I took her over to Alessia's bed and i've never seen my sister react with anyone before the way she did with her. She looked at my sister with so much love and care without even knowing who she is. My sister looked back at her as if she was staring at an angel.

When the youngest boy of the family that i knew as Diego made his was over she acted so soft towards him.

She walked fearlessly with so much strength and determination. She had a look that promised death to anyone who objected towards her. Here and now she had a motherly aura that surrounds the three like a bubble with care and love.

My family are so grateful for everything she has done.

We all made our way down the stairs into the living room where we all settled down and looked towards Alessia and the male who I now know is her best friend Ares.

I see the way they both look at each-other and although I got told that he's gay, I can't help but feel this huge bubble of anger every time they look towards each-other or hold one another. That all gets thrown out of the window when we lock eyes just before she looks away and starts to talk.

"I was kidnapped..." As soon as she said them words it all came crashing down. I never thought someone like her would've been taken from her home. Especially the Marino family.

As she progressed through her and Ares' story I had emotions build up that I've never had before and I didn't know how to feel about it.

She's gone through absolute hell. Abused,tortured,loss of a child that no one, especially a girl that had only lived 17 years of her life and not once decided to end it all.

I never would've thought anything like this would've happened to anyone I know especially her. That is until your life is part of the mafia.

My mother and father absolutely adore her already and they've never acted like this with anybody ever.

She gets up to leave with my sister, Diego and Ares. As they walk out of the room she turns around and takes a look back meeting my eyes. Crystal Blues and Dark Obsidians.

It was as if everything had been pieced together. It seemed as if everything will be okay. Part of a puzzle.

After my father walks downstairs with my sister in his arms, we agreed for dinner so we all decided to go home after our long night.

On the drive back home my parents kept making sly looks towards each other and looking back a me with a knowing glint that I wasn't too sure what that meant.

We made it back to the mansion when everyone turns around towards me. Even my siblings. Especially Mila.

"So Alessia..." My mother encouraged in a suggestive tone that I knew straight away.

"She seems nice" I tried to keep it short even though I could go on about how gorgeous,flawless,amazing and brave she is. I could never tell them that out loud because they would think i'm crazy and not me at all but I can't help it.

"Oh please son we all saw the way you look at her." my father smirked at me.

"Yeah come on brother you weren't sly at all. The Marinos definitely noticed aswell." the twins said in unison (Dominik and Nikolai.)

"Do you wike мой герой?" She may be young but she is so much smarter for her age.

(Translation- my hero)

"Come on guys I don't even know her" I tried to get my point across but it was useless at this point. They were all in on this. 4 Volklov's against 1, even for me the odds weren't in my favour.

"She told us her life story's, you know plenty brother" the twins exclaimed with raised eyebrows and cockiness running off of them.

"You can get to know her, she's utterly gorgeous and brave. She'd be a great queen to the Russians as well as a daughter in law" My mother looked at me with these eyes that told me not to argue. I couldn't lie and she would be great at being my mafia's donna. My family love her and Mila already looks up to her as a hero.

"She is a queen мама" Mila said with a little sass that we all let out a little laugh.

They all gave me one last knowing look before turning around and making their way up to bed as it was already gone midnight.

They were perfectly right.

Not in the way they thought though.

Instead she's going to ruin me.

Maybe i'm okay with it...

She is a богиня

(Translation- Goddess)

My богиня.

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