Chapter 7⚡️

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Alessia's POV:

After breakfast me and Res are waiting in living room while the rest of the boys and Francesco get ready.

"Do you like it here?" I ask Ares.

"Yeah. I think we finally have a chance of having a family." He said in hope.

We've always wanted a family. We have one, but it always just each other. The two of us against the world, together.

I would never say this to anyone but i'm terrified to let myself into all of them and having a normal relationship when i've had no one but him. We never trusted anybody enough to allow ourselves to get close to anyone.

"It's okay to let yourself feel Sia. No one will hold it against you, i'm always here and you know this. Together everything will be okay. Just let yourself be happy for once." Res exclaimed softly once he noticed my internal thoughts. No one has ever been able to read me or my thoughts except for Ares, i'm guessing shared trauma has that effect.

We settled in a comfortable silence basking in the comfort of each other with my head on his shoulder,his on mine.

One by one all of the boys came down with the older ones in their usual fitted black and white suits and Rocco,Marco and Matteo in jeans and t-shirts.

"Just to let you all know the rest of the family is coming over tomorrow. Once they heard your back they all went mad. They'll be here Friday, make sure your ready. It gets hectic." Francesco tell us once he comes down the stairs. Everyone has a smile on their faces once he says that and they all get excited.

"You mean everyone's coming? All of our brothers to?" Matteo asks nearly jumping on his feet but when Francesco answers with a nod and a mini smile he physically jumps and fist pumps the air while we all let out a quiet chuckle.

"Come on let's go" Vincenzo exclaimed with a shake of the head from laughing, when he came down the stairs and heading towards the cars.

"Which car do you wanna take?" Rocco asked with hidden excitement in his voice. He defiantly loves cars.

"Bugatti Voiture Noire" Me and Ares said in unison with excitement while everyone chuckled with amusement.

Francesco,Lorenzo and Vincenzo went in a Lamborghini.

Rocco,Marco and Matteo went in a Ferrari.

"How about a race?" Rocco asked with a smirk on his face in a cocky tone.

Me and Ares looked at each other smirking back to him.

"Hell yes" We replied back.

We all lined our cars back to each other.

"3,2,1 GO!" Lorenzo's voice shouted in the street. One he said go we were off on our way.

Zooming down the street we all get to the corner and turn with Lorenzo's car last, us second and Rocco's car first before we made a sharp turn and over took into first place.

Following the GPS we're at double the speed of Rocco and going backwards into the next lane.

We can hear the boys shouting over the violent wind telling us to turn around. As we get to the last turn we make our way round and turn so we are going straight ahead again disappearing from their sights as we pull up the the mall car park.

2 minutes later the rest of the two cars come up next to us getting out with disbelief and angry faces.

"Why the fuck would you drive like that!" the older 3 brothers screamed when they came into view.

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