Chapter 15⚡️

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Alessia's POV:

I woke up this morning with Ares' foot near my mouth and him laying in his usual starfish position. I let out a chuckle before pushing him out of the way and he tumbled to the floor with a thump. He shoots up as if ready to attack somebody before he sees my amused face and raised eyebrows.

"Why'd you have to do that. I'm so nice to you siaaa" he whines like a little child before laying back down.

"Lazy ass" I retort and watch as his face contorts into disbelief.

"Oh please i'm anything but lazy have you not seen these muscles" He asks flabbergasted while pointing to he's arms and showing me his abs.

"Impressive, lazy ass now get up" I exclaimed getting up and making my way to the connected bathroom. I look back over my shoulder and see that he's still looking at his abs and me in disbelief shaking his head, I let out a small laugh.

I'd never know what I would do without him. Crazy fucker.

Today I decided i'm going to do something with my father and brothers- they each have an hour with me.

We haven't spent much time together since i've been back and I want to get to know them better. Especially my triplets, from what i've noticed the three of us have a lot in common but we don't show it, so hopefully it'll be a good time to connect to each other again.

Once i'm in the bathroom I strip the rest of my clothes of before looking towards the mirror. My scars have never bothered me, i'll always be proud of them because even though I don't flaunt them I know they are still their to show me how strong I really am and I don't have to worry what others may think because, I'm a survivor and i'm okay with that.

I always told Ares to never care what others think about his scars. He used to hate them and hide them under shirts and hoodies. I told him "Don't hide the strength you have. It may have been hard but you came out of it stronger. Be proud of yourself." and no matter the amount of times I tell him he will always turns around look at me in the eyes before saying "You saved me. Together always. Love you sia" he's my lifeline no matter what happens he's the most important person.

Once the showers warmed up I get inside before exfoliating,shaving and cleaning myself aswell as my hair and just sitting on the ground thinking how everything changed not even a couple of days ago.

I open the door and find the fluffy black towel and wrapping it around my body before making my way to the closet. Walking around I try and find an outfit for the day.

I go with causal today with black cargo bottoms, cropped white long sleeved top and white airforces to complete it all off

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I go with causal today with black cargo bottoms, cropped white long sleeved top and white airforces to complete it all off.

I keep my hair down and straight with basic makeup for today.

I leave my room and walk down towards the dining room where I hear a bunch of chatter coming from. Walking in I see my brothers and dad all talking to one another. I let a smile slip onto my face at how everything's changed for the better.

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