Chapter 8⚡️

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Alessia POV:

It's Friday today.

The boys decided they wasn't going to go to school for the last 2 days. They all said they wanted to stay with us until we settled.

We've had a few movie and games nights to get to know each other. I found out some rather disturbing things about my brothers that will never be repeated once again.

We all went down for breakfast this morning and made small talk with mostly Matteo complaining about having to go back to school next week and then decided to complain about the different types of cereal they have, not the ones he likes though.

"Right you all need to go and get ready. They are arriving in about 2 hours so after breakfast, shower up. We'll be going out for dinner tonight also." Francesco reminded us all.

"Devo anche dire a tutti voi che i russi hanno invece anticipato l'incontro per domani perché hanno un problema di emergenza." Lorenzo informs the boys.

Translation- (I've also got to tell you all that the russians have pushed the meeting up for tomorrow instead as they have an emergency problem.)

"Che tipo di emergenza?" Matteo asks

Translation- (What type of emergency?)

"Non l'hanno mai detto, ma sembravano impazienti al riguardo." Lorenzo replied back.

Translation- (They never said but they sounded impatient about it.)

After they finished talking, I sent a subtle look to Ares who nodding back saying that he heard what they were talking about.

Once we finished eating, me and Ares excused ourselves from the table and went upstairs to get ready.

I jumped into the shower and my usual routine and also shaved as everyone is going out tonight. I washed my hair and got out of the shower and into my room.

Drying my hair and straightening it out which now it reaches to below my waist.

Doing a natural makeup with a bold red lip so I didn't have to change it for when we go out tonight, I then went into my closet and drying off before I picked my outfit out.

Once i'm changed I go into my room to find Ares now sitting on my bed, dressed up for the day.

Once i'm changed I go into my room to find Ares now sitting on my bed, dressed up for the day

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Third Person POV:

A series of knocks were heard outside the Marino mansion before the door was opened the rest of their large family walked in.

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