Chapter 13⚡️

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Third person POV:

The Volklov's all sat back watching as the Italians have their emotion conversation.

Natasha was crying for them with the feeling of not having your child for 15 years would utterly break her from inside out but this family always had hope she would return back to them was a sight she never thought she'd witness.

The Volklov men are never very emotional to outsiders but are sitting next to the Italians with tears in their eyes at imagine not having their little princess with me them. Loosing her would cause them to go insane. She brought their sanity back once she was born.

Aleksei is staring at Alessia with so many emotions but the one that outshines all is proudness. He's proud of her after everything she's been through she's stood back up and carried on fighting. She became stronger to survive for her and Ares. She still cares,smiles and loves no matter what when most people would have crumbled to their knees by now. She's the strongest person he's ever seen and can't help but feel all these emotions he never has before.

Alessia's POV:

I'm so happy for Res. He's always wanted a family and never had the chance to have one which he does now. He's been their for me through everything as I have him and if we didn't have each other we'd most likely have been dead or completely lost.

He's my other half.

My triplets and I haven't been able to talk as much as we'd hoped yet, but I know they aren't jealous of mine and his relationship which I'm happy that they understand I could never leave him.

He's now officially a Marino. My family...

Family is never always blood. It's whose there for you once they see you on your knees in defeat and still choose to come back to you and help you stand on your feet with everything they have.

Once we all separate we sit back down on our chairs with me hugging Diego and Mila to my body before looking up at the Russians.

They've all got tears in their eyes. Natasha is a sobbing mess and Aleksei is trying to be his don self and not show his emotions but as hard as it is for others I can see straight through his facade.

Natasha shakily walks over and sits in front of me before taking my hands into hers and holding them on her lap. She looks up to me with a soft expression and it feels weird like a feeling I should've had with my own mother but she's giving me instead. "Oh ты маленький. You are so strong детка. Always remember that you survived more than anybody else in this world could but you still kept living. I want to thank you with everything for saving my моя дочь while risking your own life when you didn't even know her, but now I get it. It's okay to be upset darling. You need to grieve. I know you don't know me very well but I'm here for you if you need anything, you can call me and I'll pick up straight away хорошо?" She says with glistening eyes and a smile on her face that lights up her face.

(Translation- You little devil. Baby. My daughter. Okay?)

As she finishes I've got tears streaming down my cheeks and the two children hug me tighter as if they can sense my emotions. I've never had anyone look at me like Natasha does. She has the look on her face that I can't pinpoint but it makes me feel warm. I nod my head before replying back to her in her mother tongue. "хорошо"

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