Chapter 10⚡️

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Matteos Pov:

Once Alessia and Ares leave Lorenzo tells us all to make our way upstairs and get ready for the meeting in an hour.

I go upstairs and get into the shower before doing my routine and walking into my closet before finding a suit, I go with an all black one today.

Making my way down the stairs I see all my brothers there with a mix of black with black and white suits.

We all make our way into the office waiting for the Russians to arrive as they pushed the meeting forward and we're all intrigued as to what is happening for them to do that.

After 5 minutes an man walks in with a women by his side who looks pale and has a worried look on her face. Behind them were 3 guys who look around our ages.

"I'm Dimitri, this is Natasha we're the ex don and Donna. These are my youngest children both 16, Dominick and Nikolai." The man says with a thick Russian accent while putting his hand out to shake which Lorenzo and dad do.

"Aleksei Don" The mysterious one says in a dominating tone as he shakes hands with Lorenzo with a nod.

"I'm Francesco ex don and this is Lorenzo my eldest. Vincenzo 25, Rocco 19, Marco and Matteo 18." Dad introduces us all until he asks the question we've all been anxious to know.

"Why are we here?" He asks curiously without trying to sound to rude.

Natasha freezes with tears in her eyes, same as her younger son while Dimitri and Aleksei's faces go stone cold and you can feel the anger on them.

"My daughter was taken 3 nights ago and we can't find her. She's 5 years old and we've looked everywhere possible so we're asking you if you could help as we really want her home." Dimitri asks Lorenzo as he is Don but we all instantly know our answer as we all feel the emotions we've had with Alessia come back up.

Lorenzo and Dad look over to us and we can see it in our eyes they are thinking of the same thing.

Third person POV:

The Russians are all worried for their little princess.

They can't begin to explain the emotions they've had the last few days with her missing.

They feel like they've lost everything that means the world to them.

In the meeting room they all look over to the Italians who are looking at each other with a sad smile as if remembering something before they turn around and look over to us before they nod their head.

"Yeah we'll help you." Lorenzo nods removing all the emotion of his face that was noticeable minutes ago.

Natasha and the youngest boys look up bright eyes with hope at what their hearing they don't care that there emotions are showing because the only person that matters isn't here right now.

Once they go on into detail about plan of action, while Matteo gets on with hacking with Dominick as they are the best in both families, they hear a static crackling that causes a few of them to cover their ears.

"Vincenzo I need your help." Alessia's sweet voice come over a little worried.

The Russians look around confused as to what's going on because they don't know that the Marino's have a daughter.

"How did you get into the system?" Matteo asks in disbelief.

"Shut up I haven't got time for this I'll beat your ass Matteo if any of you interrupt me again understood?" Alessia replied strongly.

"Understood." All Marino's replied defeated knowing their sister wasn't joking right now, while the Russians looked in disbelief as they were taking orders from her.

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