Chapter 11⚡️

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Francesco POV:

After a while we all sat down in the large room that was enough to fit the whole family as well as the Russians in.

I was sitting next to my daughters bedside while stroking her hair softly now she's been washed and had a changed of clothes by the women. I can't believe she knew who we were this whole time as well as she and Ares are assassins.

I don't understand how they are part of the underworld when they are only 17. I'll have to talk to them about this once they are better.

Too lost in thought I didn't realise my second eldest son had walked into the room. He turns to the Russians first.

"Mila will be okay she's a but bruised up but nothing serious she just needs to eat and drink a lot with how dehydrated she is." Vincenzo told them and they all sighed in relief.

"Thank you so much" Natasha thanked him profusely with so much emotion in her voice. He nodded with a smile on his face in recognition and then he turned back to our family that are all crowded in the room still as they refused to leave.

"Alessia will be fine. She didn't get hit in any vital parts so I've stitched and cleaned the wounds which will be sore for a few days so she just needs rest."  He tells us and we hear a snort.

We all turned to Ares who looks like we told him to go on an impossible mission. We all look at him asking for him to explain what he found funny.

"Oh come on your not going to get her to rest because she got shot twice. She's been through worse and trust me bullet wounds won't stop her. Trust me I've been with the girl most of my life." Ares laughed like it was funny.

What did he mean through worse? I don't think anyone else caught onto it except my father and brothers that are all looking at each other with nothing but worry and concern for our princess.

"Why the fuck not she's been shot for fuck sake!" Andre and Apollo shouted in anger at the absurdity of the situation.

"Trust me I've tried before but it won't work" Ares let the situation go because he didn't want to say anything that will cause them to start having a larger argument while Alessia wasn't here to speak on her behalf.

A little groan catches everyone's attention and the turn around the the little bundle with big brown eyes on the other side of the room.

"My baby your okay" Natasha was the first one to run over to her daughter.

"Mommy" Mila says happily at the sight of her family in front of her.

"I'm so glad your okay my princess" Dimitri hugs his daughter so tightly with a hint of tears in his eyes which I understand well enough.

The rest of the Volklov boys run up to their sister and they all join into a group hug.

I'm happy they got her back, loosing a daughter is horrible and can cause so much damage to ones self or a family.

"Alessia!" Mila screamed out once she saw her on the bed. She demanded her brothers to take her to the other bed. They were extremely reluctant but eventually gave in because she looked so sad.

My princess opened her eyes once she heard the little voice shout out for her and looked over to see Mila being passed onto her bed.

"Hey gorgeous. I promised I would save you didn't I?" My neonata questioned her with such a soft look in her eyes, the only soft look she has when with Diego or Ares.

"I know you did. мой герой and thank you for getting me back to my family." Mila smiled brightly up to her with such love in her eyes my daughter had tears in hers.

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