Chapter 9⚡️

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Third person POV:

After last night we all came home when the rest of the family decided to stay for the weekend before they go back home.

Once everyone came down the stairs to the dining room, where they waited for Alessia and Diego.

"Does anyone know where they are?" Diego's parents started getting a little bit anxious as he's normally up and running around by now.

Everyone shakes their heads no so they went on a hunt in every room of the house until they decided to check Alessia.

Grandmother Isabella opened the door and saw the cutest sight she had ever seen.

"Omg that is so cute!" She gasped at them while everyone else rushed over to see what got her so happy.

One by one they all looked over to see Alessia and Diego cuddled up together at the top of her bed with a protective arm around him. A snore caught their attention and they looked at the other end of the bed to find Ares in a starfish position.

Matteo walked over and threw a pillow straight at Ares' head and he shot up and out of bed ready to get into a protective stance until he saw the family starring at him with amused faces and raised eyebrows.

"Your lucky you woke me and not Alessia I learnt the hard way" he faked a shudder.

Matteo wanted to know what he was talking about so he decided to do the same thing to Alessia before Ares could stop him.

"Seriously I wouldn't do-" Ares started of with a panicked tone before he got cut of


Shooting out of bed with Diego behind her protectively still on the bed making sure not to wake him up, she jumped onto Matteo and started punching him.

"Told you" Ares retorted before going to get Alessia off of him but was cut off by a sweet, little and tired voice.

"Lessia" She froze once she heard the name as only one person calls her that. She turned around with a smile and met a bright smile back which made her instantly happy as she got back into bed with her piccolo.

When she heard rustling she knew Ares got back into bed as well.

Upon hearing silence then a groan Alessia turns around to see her family looking at her questionably.

"What?" She grumbled.

"Why's you hit him for?" Salvatore, grandfather questioned curiously.

"Shouldn't have woke me up like that especially when I had Diego. He's lucky mio piccolo is here other why's I would've done much worse." She admitted as the family looked at her.

"Come down for breakfast in a moment darling." Grandma said as she ushered everyone out of the room. Once everyone left the room Alessia turned her body towards the Diego.

"Good morning mio piccolo. I hope you slept well." She asked sweetly.

"I did lessia. I want to sleep with you next time too." He replied jumping happily. Alessia and Ares laughed before looking at each other with a sad smile. Res got up and moved closer giving her a hug before he took Diego downstairs while she gets ready.

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