Chapter 6⚡️

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Alessia's POV:

The next morning I awoke to a series of knocks on my bedroom door. Turning toward the nightstand I see that it's 7:00am. Ares is still asleep so I get up and open the door to see a middle aged women outside waiting patiently.

"Good morning Miss Marino breakfast is served in 30 minutes and was told to remind you." Exclaimed the lady.

"Call me Alessia and okay we'll be down in a few minutes." I replied back.

With departing words the maid left and I went back over to my bed to get Ares up for the start of the day. He's sleeping peaceful like we always do when we together, other why's it's very rare for us to get a good night sleep on our own.

"Ares we've got to wake up. Breakfast is in 30 minutes." I rubbed his back gently.

With a few twists and turns he looks up to me with a soft smile on his face and brings me into his bear hug.

"Morning darling." Res spoke sweetly.

"Morning, go get ready and come back once your done." I told him to which he nodded and kissed my forehead before turning around and leaving.

Going into my bathroom that is in the similar black and grey design I get into the huge shower and do my daily routine. I get out and dry myself off before going into my closet and picking an outfit out for today as they all spoke about shopping and some lunch.

Once I've gotten into my clothes for the day I turn around once I hear a click of the door to see Res there waiting for me on my bed.

Once I've gotten into my clothes for the day I turn around once I hear a click of the door to see Res there waiting for me on my bed

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We wore our usual similar,comfy outfits. Which consisted of shorts and hoodie with running trainers. We put on our favourite accessories before turning to look at one another.

"Looking good Sia" "You too Res" we both complemented each other before making our way down as we are already late as it's just hit half past 7.

Couple of minutes later we make it to the dining room. Pushing the doors open, all talking stops and heads turn to us. Walking further in the room taking a seat next to Matteo and Ares next to me on my right.

"Good morning to you two" Francesco spoke up first.

"Morning" we both replied back politely.

We all started piling our plates with food in a comfortable silence while Lorenzo and Francesco talk about the mafia in Italian thinking we won't understand, we'll keep that a secret for now.

"stavamo incontrando i russi tra 4 giorni, quindi assicurati di essere tutto preparato e di guardarti le spalle per il loro arrivo" Francesco reminded the boys in Italian while me and Ares pretend to be confused.

Translation- (were having a meeting with the russians in 4       days so make sure your all prepared and watching your backs for their arrival)

"va bene, ma dobbiamo dirlo a entrambi a un certo punto ora che vivono qui. hanno il diritto di sapere. anche lei è la principessa della mafia, tutti lo scopriranno presto e se nascondiamo sorgeranno i suoi problemi, di cui non abbiamo bisogno." Rocco replied back in a cold tone.

Translation- (okay but we've got to tell them both at some point now they live here. they have a right to know. shes the mafia princess too, everyones going to find out soon and if we hide her, problems will arise. Ones we don't need.)

"abbiamo visto in prima persona ieri nell'ufficio dei principi di cosa sono capaci. Almeno sappiamo che può reagire quando necessario. Lei è un Marino dopotutto." Lorenzo added after his little brother in a proud tone which I couldn't help the bit of warmth that went through my chest.

Translation- (we saw first hand yesterday in the principles office what they are capable of. Atleast we know she can fight back when needed. She's a Marino afterall.)

With them all adding on why we should know with Lorenzo supporting Francesco on why we shouldn't even though I think he wants us to know for our safety so we can train but what he doesn't know is we don't need any. They started getting angry to the point I don't think they realise were in the room.

"Abbastanza" Lorenzo in his Don voice boomed through the room that silenced all of them.

Translation- (Enough!)

Once they all silenced and came to realisation we were both in the room still they all went back to eating with a very high tension flowing through.


Very short chapter but I promise I'll make up for it in the next few preparing to be posted.

Updates are irregular for now.

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