Chapter 5⚡️

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Alessia's POV:

With Francesco's last words we all headed off outside of the office.

My biological family walked ahead of us only by little, but it was enough for Ares to to question quietly on how I felt about what has just occurred mere minutes ago.

"I don't know but you know the Italians have been looking for their missing princess for years and I come to find it's me that actually has a family out their who didn't abandon me. I don't know what to do but I don't understand what happened for me to no longer be with them. We'll have to see tomorrow I guess." I told Ares with a heavy sigh leaving me.

Ares put his arm over my shoulder and pulled me into a side hug as silent support. We never liked being touched but we were always okay with each other. When you go through torment and hell with someone for 11 years you grow a connection to them that's extremely rare to find, I'm just glad mines Ares.

"I've always got you darling remember that. Together always." Ares repeated the words we made as our promise.

I cracked a small smile and looked up to my best friend, happy to have someone like him with me.

"I'll always be grateful for you res." I expressed to him.

"You and me both darling." With one last look towards each other we quickly managed to catch up with the Marino men.

Third Person POV:

When they saw their princesses eyes light up at her goofy best friend the Italians felt so much love flow through them to see her happy.

They were all slightly confused to her behaviour and how she always seems to have an expressionless mask on her face. They all turned to their father with a silent question in their eyes 'can you see through her mask?', with a shake of the head his sons were becoming more baffled as the day went on as their father is the best at reading and analysing people in their business.

Taking the lead out the office, his sons slowly followed behind him with his daughter and her friend following last.

During the time Alessia and Ares hung back, the Marino's all took it as time to talk to each other .

"She's an awful lot like us. Not just looks but also her behaviour" Lorenzo finally spoke.

They all nodded in agreement to his comment.

"Matteo did you get her record from the school?" Rocco grumbled.

"Yeah actually I did. She's extremely smart for her age. Her IQ is at 165 which is higher than anyone's I have known she could go into college already but she declined it. She gets into regular fights, most of her fights involve Ares as well, they are always putting people in to the hospital but the surprising thing is no one ever reports it which is a little strange. They always get into trouble together, it says they basically do most things together,classes,fights,being expelled to living together as they had the same foster family." He finished explaining which earns him looks of disbelief,confusion and love that hasn't left their eyes since they met her.

"Looks like we have a pair trouble makers in our hands." Vincenzo laughed softly while everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

They all turns to see the duo catching up with them before walking in front and turning left.

"Where are youse going?" Francesco asked confused as to where his daughter is going of to.

"To our car, follow behind. I hope you know how to drive fast." Ares answered playfully before walking with Alessia to the Audi R8 with blue rims and opening the drivers door which she got into.

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