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Third Person:

It was an early morning at the Marino house when they heard a deafening scream coming from their mother. Francesco heard his wife Aurora scream and ran straight to her with his gun. Their two eldest sons Lorenzo and Vincenzo at the age of 11&8 ran down to their mother with there knives, although they were in training they were extremely skilled with them. Rocco is hiding in the safe room in their bedroom.

Once they arrived to Aurora another scream was heard.

"Get these babies out of me!" Aurora shouted at her husband Francesco.

They came to realisation that their youngest brothers and sons were on their way a week earlier than expected. Francesco got his driver to come outside and while he was doing that and helping Aurora, their eldest sons went to get their youngest child to all go to the hospital.

Upon arriving to the hospital they have at one of their mafia bases with all sons in tow, their father was carrying their mother and running into the hospital, as they passed members they all bowed their heads down in respect and got everything ready for their Donna to give birth.

Lorenzo decided to call the rest of their family to come to the hospital and with the news of their newest members of the Marino family the grandparents,uncles,aunts and cousins were all on their way.

"These babies are going to kill me Francesco! You best remember we are having no more kids after this." Aurora told her husband while in pain.

"But we haven't had a little princess yet, can we at least try for one more?" Francesco begged his wife. He has always wanted to have a little girl. He just knew she would be the biggest daddy's girl ever and although he knew it was just wishful thinking to have a daughter as his family have never been so lucky in that department, he always had high hopes. False hope is what he's wife would call it.

"So help me god Cesco I will rip your dick off of your body if you so much as thinking I'm going through this again. We've had 3 sons now having 5 we're not going to get a little princess" Aurora exclaimed loudly at her now pouting husband which was rather amusing to her as he was known to be cold mafia don.

Francesco stared wide-eyed at his wife absolutely terrified of what she said because he knew she was being completely serious about it as she used to be a assassin before she retired for her children's sake. He was also very sad because he knew what she said was true, they have never been lucky enough to have a girl born into the family.

"I know" Francesco replied sadly.

Aurora knew how much her husband has wanted a little girl to play with and protect but they have never known such luck to happen to any of them so she stopped hoping a while ago.

She let out another ear piercing scream as the doctors ran in to check and they told her she needed to start pushing as she was already 10 centimetres dilated.

Just as she started pushing all family had arrived and was preparing for the next prince of the family to be born.

"You've got to push once more Donna" the head doctor exclaimed once she was close.

Aurora pushed once more as hard as she could, she was low on energy and didn't remember it being this bad last time.

"Here is the next prince of the Marino family" the nurse said once their son was all wrapped up. Their family heard the news and was extremely happy all went well and couldn't wait to meet him.

Aurora took her son in her arms and looked at him with so much love and adoration. Francesco looked at his son who was a splitting image of him just like the rest of their children.

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