Chapter 3⚡️

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Fathers POV (Francesco):


A feeling so powerful that could hit you to a point that you don't want to feel anything anymore.

It can effect you in so many ways that could knock you over before you have even got a grasp on what is happening.

Such an intense emotion that causes people to get lost within themselves along the way.

Me and my family have gone through grief too many times to count now.

It never gets easier...

15 years.

We lost our princess.

My only baby girl.

It never gets easier at the thought of my little Alessia.

During the past 15 years nothing has been the same. 5 years ago we lost my wife during a shootout before anyone knew what was happening we all huddled around her bleeding and all too pale face, while holding our hands her last words were "Make sure you find my little princess and show her all the love she deserves. No matter what keep looking, you'll find her one day. Promise me?"

We made her one last promise.

We've been looking everyone we possibly could to find her but it's as if my own daughters disappeared and we find nothing on my wife's brother who kidnapped Alessia so we have nothing to go on.

Looking day and night, up and down we always come up empty handed and it feels as if were loosing our last piece of hope and the final wish my wife asked of us.

My sons are no longer the same.

Lorenzo is now a 28 year old Don of our family mafia. Always closed off and never shows any type of emotion, he always makes sure we are always protected and nothing can happen to us just like our previous two losses. He makes time for family but he's not the little boy I once knew when we were happy.

Vincenzo is now 25 years old and became the mama bear to his brothers. No matter what he always make sure we've had 3 meals a day and when we are ill he goes into complete doctor mode as it worries him too much so we let him do what he needs.

Rocco is now 19. He become the hot head of the family with anger issues and sometimes let's his emotions get the best of them. He shows that he doesn't care most of the time and I think it's because he worries something will happen to our family again and trying to shut off his emotions so if it does, it hurt less, which it never does but that's his way of coping the best way he could.

Matteo and Marco are now 17 years old and misses their triplet more than anything in this world. Matteo covers up his sadness,grief and anger with humour. Humour and sarcasm are the things that help him the most. Marco covers his sadness and grief with silence. Matteo is always trying to make us all laugh to fill the gap we all have. We all hear them have nightmares every once in a while and tear stains on their cheeks when it's their birthday or the day she got taken. It affected them the worst as they felt like they had lost the most important part of themselves. They help everyone to try and locate her as Matteo is one of the best hackers but even he struggles most of the time which doesn't help us hold onto much hope.

And I'm there for my children as much as I can be while suffering a loss of another one. I love my family more than anything possible in this world, nothing will stop that but sometimes you get the feeling you aren't doing a good enough job and want to give up. The only thing I'm holding onto is the promise my wife wanted and I couldn't let her down.

Due to the efforts of Vincenzo we all have dinner together so he makes sure we eat a nice healthy meal. We have a space left at the table in between Matteo and Marco for where my daughter would be.

Once everyone arrives and the chefs bring our dinner we all slowly get into conversation, mostly about work and the mafia while the younger ones talk about whatever drama has happened at school.

"The Russians are moving here and we've made sure our alliance is secure. We're to help each other when one another is in trouble and we are trading our drugs for their guns. 50-50 deal." Lorenzo said in his usual cold tone.

The Russians have always been allies with the Italian Marino family mafia. We've had a decade long alliance but it's always good to check up every now and then to make sure we're all up to date on certain things.

"That won't be a problem them being here because of the alliance but watch your back just in case. No need too worry as I'm sure we'll be fine but you never know what's to happen sometimes." I told all my sons as they each looked up to me with a longing look on their faces.

"Yes we know" they all replied and releasing sad sighs.

One by one we all go back eating but this time with silence surrounding us, which was interrupted when my phone rung loudly throughout the room.

"Hello sir, is this Francesco Marino?" A middle age women's voice came through the phone in a strong Spanish accent.

"Yes this is he" I replied in a cold tone.

"This is the policía department in Spain and we'd like to inform you that Alessia Blacks foster parents passed away early hours this morning due to a drunk driving incident that has taken place. We did some looking into her past and found out you've been searching for her for 15 years and if you'd like to take her in or back into foster care." The women's voice on the other line replied.

In complete shock I went speechless for the first time in my life. I had tears in my eyes which made my sons look at me in which looked to be a mix of disbelief, confusion and a hint of intrigue.

"E-err yes 100% I'll take her in send me the details and I'll be in by tomorrow morning." I exclaimed with a stutter which was not normal for me and caused my sons to become worried.

"Okay you can pick her up from her school tomorrow whenever you like I'll send the information over to you." She replied politely before hanging the phone up.

Once the phone disconnects and my children start firing questions left and right which causes me to silence them.

"That's enough." My voice booms across the dining room.

Silence was all that could be heard.

"I've just got news that Alessia's foster parents have just died and we are to pick her up from school tomorrow so pack whatever shit you want were leaving in an hour."

In return I got looks full of love and disbelief while Vincenzo and Matteo are crying.

"Your not joking right because if you are this is a sick joke. I want my triplet back so please tell me that your not lying?" My youngest son looking at me next to his other triplet while they both have tears streaming down their cheeks, looking at me for any lies.

"No son you know I wouldn't do that so let's go get ready." As soon as I told them this they all sprinted out of the dining room before I could get another word out.

Once we all got our stuff together and all got a spare change of clothes for the plane ride back tomorrow we went and got on the jet that Lorenzo made sure was ready for us.

"Good evening boss" exclaimed the pilot before turning around and getting ready to take of like we told him to but not before he bowed his head in respect.

During the plane ride we were all completely anxious to see our princess again.

All thoughts running through our heads of if she will still be the bubbly little girl she used to be, full of bright smiles and laughter that was contagious.

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