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Alessia's POV:


Never really a concept I understood.

Romance and family love has never been something I've had.

Sometimes I'd think that I don't deserve it with my past and how I live my present. Seems to much to ask for.

I have never craved love before I learnt to grow out of that at the mere age of 2, being abused by my own uncle up to the age of 6.He never liked looking at me, but when he did it would be to beat and torture me more than I already had been for as long as I could remember. He always said that I look like 'him' and I deserve everything that is to come to me, I always got confused on who is the 'him' he spoke about, I asked him one time and it's safe to say I didn't bother doing it again.

By the time I was 6, he said he didn't want me anymore and I was utterly useless to him now. For the past 4 years I wished he'd leave me or get rid of me but this wasn't the way I had planned it. The next day I got chucked into an orphanage where I was not treated well. I met my best friend off 11 years there and we made a promise to always stick by each other "together always" that's our promise. We both had been through a lot, both mentally and physically for years as we never get adopted but we were okay with that because we always had each other in the end. When we were 9 we both got adopted together.

Everyone that came to the orphanage knew we wouldn't go separately.

After a few months in our new foster home our foster parents got into arguments a lot of the time. Maggie always says that it's our fault Jack works more to provide for us so she started torturing us but I did as much as I could to make sure she didn't do anything to Ares. I really didn't like when he was hurt. I had a much higher pain tolerance so I knew I could handle it a bit more than he could. During the process of a few months later Jack had lost he's job and started to blame us so. He realised what Maggie was doing to us when he walked in on her one night, so drunk he couldn't even walk in a straight line or get a sentence out. They both continued to make our lives torture.

By the time I turned 10 I made sure me and Ares knew how to defend ourselves after one night we never want a repeat of- but that's for later. During a full year we learnt every fighting style we could possibly remember as well as weapons. Me and Ares prefer knives much better to guns but it's better to be safe than sorry, so we mastered all weapons to hand to hand combat. I also took it upon myself to learn languages and hacking as I remembered things a lot easier than the average mindset. So when I turned 11 I knew more languages than I could count on my fingers, I also made sure I taught Ares at least 5 to make sure we can always be careful and if we need to talk in situations where we don't want no one to listen to us.

Once I turned 12 and Ares turned 13 we became assassins. We earned very big names for ourselves. I'm known as Athena the goddess of war and wisdom, how my name came about? We'll talk about that later. Ares ironically got named after the god of war which is Ares but nobody knew his real name so we stuck with it. Everyone knew when Athena was somewhere so was Ares. The destructive duo. Never split up.

I became the number 1 deadliest assassin, street fighter, street racer and hacker. Ares because the second deadliest assassin and street racer.

Since we made sure we knew how to protect each other and ourselves, when we got home one night Maggie and Jack were to drunk and drugged up so when they tried to attack us and take us back to the basement again for another night of pure torture, we caught them by surprise and beat them. 

We made a deal. We give them money every month and they leave us... they both seemed that it was the wiser choice to make, so they took it.

When we 13 we were taking job after job and as many fights as we could. We brought our home together after making enough money. We finished school off online and got ourselves degrees I got into Business, IT, Engineering and Medical. Ares took up Engineering. I have a photographic memory so it was easier for me to do more than him.

With my degrees I started my own tech company to support me and Ares more than we did so we never had to worry about living the way we did. Over the course of a year when I was turning 15 my company rose to the top in the country, this lead to my company to now be number one worldwide.

That's how in the business world I became Sia Black.

Underground, I'm Athena.

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