Chapter 4⚡️

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Third person POV:

The Marino family made their way into the school that Alessia should be attending.

Walking into the school tall and stone cold menacing glares we all, received looks of fear in return except for the receptionist who's in around her 40s.

"We're here to see the principle and Alessia Black I presume will be their." Their father politely told the receptionist but in a cold tone.

Understanding and amusement was in the lady's eyes.

"I should've known by looking at you. Your her father and brothers clear as day. Your gonna have your hands fall with this one but deep down she's a sweetheart to whom she cares for." She replied with a sweet smile.

The confusion in the minds was gone as fast as it came when the principle came forward and invited them into the office with fear in his eyes as he shivered looking at them.

"We're here for Alessia Black." This time Lorenzo spoke to the principle in his usual don tone.

The fear on his face multiple and his face went a 10 shades light.

The family was mildly confused with what she could have possibly done to cause him to react like that.

Just as he was about to talk on the intercom 6 jocks and a plastic barbie in very little clothing staggered in blood all over them while others could hardly walk and miss little blonde barbie had a snake symbol on the left side of her face.

They all turned around to meet the 7 new faces who had terrified looks adorning them.

They haven't noticed the Marino family as of right now so they stood at the back in the room to see what was happening cause who doesn't like a bit of drama?

"Principle Smith Alessia and Ares are to be expelled immediately!" Cried Bianca.

This peaked the Marino's interest with surprise at how their little girl did this. They were also wondering who was Ares and what he was doing with their princess.

The principle went on the intercom and called their names out to come to his office.

Ares and Alessia slowly walked to the office with linked arms and kicked the door open together.

Walking into the room the Marino family were absolutely gobsmacked at how gorgeous she is. Long waist length midnight black hair with the most mesmerising blue eyes that looked like frozen ice, which they had all gotten from their father. She looked like the splitting image of them.

"We didn't do anything" they said in unison.

They all heard sniffles and groans from in the corner of the room and turns around to be met with the sight of the bleeding jocks and Bianca.

"Okay maybe that was me" Alessia admitted.

"Of course I helped because I wasn't gonna let her get expelled without me and I just wanted to fight something today. You know Alessia stole my sandwich this morning and threw my drink out the window like bitchhh, bestie pissed." Ares over shared his thoughts in a dramatic tone.

"What a shame their was only 6 and couldn't even hold up their own at that." Alessia said annoyed.

The family were watching in disbelief and amusement and wasn't sure how to feel.

"Don't fucking wake me at stupid times, we could've just been late" Alessia said in a pissed off tone and then right hooked him in the ribs which got the breath knocked out of him.

"Fine I forgive you whore" Ares said in an extra dramatic way.

Fed up with watching the show the show Bianca stood up in anger and dashed for Alessia. All the men present were about the shoot her but to their surprise their princess turns around and roundhouse kicked her in the head knocking her out.

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