Chapter 12⚡️

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Ares POV:

After I had finished our story Alessia broke down in my arms. It was the most painful sight I had ever had to witnessed. Even when we were younger she never allowed herself to fully break down, she always got back up. Now she knows she's not got to fight on her own as she's got this whole family in front of us that would do absolutely anything for her.

I look over towards the Russians and Italians to find that they are all in tears as sobs break through the room.

I'm glad Alessia told them about Angelo. She's not told a single soul about him. She hasn't healed since she's lost him but I know with the love and care from family she'll be okay. She knows I'm not going anywhere.

Alessia is the strongest person I have ever known.

When we were in the orphanage we stayed together to protect each other. I tried giving her my blanket plenty of times but she was always to stubborn so she made me share her little bed and we cuddled together wrapped in the small, tattered blanket. Not long after is when we started getting abused and she would always take as many hits as she could that were meant for me and I'd be furious but she didn't care as long as I had no bruises on me.

One night I had asked her why she protects me and she turned around and said to me "because family protects each other and now your mine" I never felt more loved as I did in that moment. I don't remember my family but I didn't need to when I had one of my own.

With the Italians.

With Alessia.

Together always.

Lorenzo POV:

After hearing Alessia's story we all watched in absolute torture as she broke down in her best friends arms.

I could never imagine my sister ever having to go through anything as absurd as that. She was supposed to be here, live her life with love and get spoiled rotten by her family.

While we were here living in a luxurious house and anything we could possibly want and they both had to fight and survive for the smallest of things.

I'll always be proud of her.

She did everything she could to make sure they could live and be normal as much as possible. They skipped the high school fun they were meant to have to take jobs in beating and killing people just so they didn't die without the necessities they need.

Our grandmother and aunts as well as Natasha are all huddling up with their husbands for comfort while my brothers all lean on each other with my father who hasn't moved for the last 10 minutes as we all sat in silence.

I couldn't take it no more I made eye contact with Ares and he nodded as if knew what I wanted and I walked over as fast as possible scooping my sister into my arms and holding her as tight as possible to me.

She had steaks streaming down her cheeks soaking my white shirt which I had no problem with and she gripped my shirt into a tight hold hugging onto me like her life depends on it with her head in my neck.

"I'm so fucking proud of il mio guerriero" I cooed into her ear as she let all of her built up emotions out.

(Translation- my warrior)

It's so painful but everyone could see she blocks and doesn't let her emotions out. After everything she's been through she needs to get it all out or she's going to hurt herself one day and none of us want that. She's our princess.

"I've got you. It's okay bambino. I'm not going anywhere." I continue to say sweet things into her ear while holding onto her like my life depends on it before looking down at her when her tears start to subside.

She has red rosy cheeks that now have just silent tears rolling down them. Her icy blue eyes are now shining and looking at me with so many emotions that it's physically painful for me to look at her longer than I already have.

"I love you big brother." She said while looking at me with a small smile and although still in pain I gave her a smile at how she acknowledged me as her brother

"I love you little sister. Never forget that" I say with so much sincerity and love it doesn't sound like my voice.

She looks up to me and gives me a kiss on the cheek.

"Neonata I'm so so sorry that happened to you. I should've protected you better and looked harder but I couldn't I tried so hard every day, every night it's like you never existed. I got a call from the police department and that was the best day of my life being able to get my daughter back. I found you and you looked so much like me I couldn't believe it. I hope you can forgive me baby." My father broke down in front of us in pain and distress that we all looked away as we've never seen him like this before.

Alessia jumps out of my arms and into my fathers as they hug each other like their life depends on it.

"It's okay dad. Im glad I'm home now." Alessia tells him softly which his head shoots us from looking at the floor and a huge smile is on his face.

"Y-you called me dad" he says and I don't think we've ever seen him so happy.

"I love you papa." She says before he pulls her back into him stands up and spins them around and shouted "SHE CALLED ME PAPA" we all laughed despite the tears at his ridiculous antics. "I love you Mia figlia" with a kiss to the head.

(Translation- my daughter)

The rest of the family one by one comes over to Alessia to smother her in hugs and kisses before letting her go to which she comes and sits with me again.

He walks over to Ares and pulls him into an unsuspected hug and says "you'll always be my son no matter what. Thank you for everything you have done for my daughter. We could never repay you." Ares just hugs him and pulls back to look at my father with a look towards Alessia he smiled and says "I never had a family but she became mine. She did everything possible to protect and save me and it's her I should be thankful to." Alessia walked over a hugged her best friend.

My father looks at me and the rest of my brothers and we all nod our heads in agreement to what we talked about earlier.

"Ares if it's okay with you me and my sons all talked about it and we decided that I'd you want to become officially part of the family we would like to adopt you?" Papa said with a loving look to Ares where he sits with Alessia and they both freeze and look at all of us to see if we're joking.

"Y-y-our serious?" Ares stutters out a reply in disbelief as we all laugh at him. My father nods his head in reply as Alessia jumps up and squeals before launching herself at him in so much happiness I always want her like this.

"I would love that thank you." He replies and looks like he's about to cry before he hugs our princess.

"Welcome to the family" everyone says in unison while the duo sit and look at us with the biggest smiles on their faces.


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