Chapter 23: Shocking and scary moment

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~~1 month after Bella was born~~

Andrea's POV

It's been a month since I had Bella. I was released a week later and was on bed rest for 6 weeks. I spent my spring break home visiting my little girl as often as I could. Today was the day I was able to go back to school. I was still really sore so I picked out a comfortable outfit. Which was a tank top, sweatpants and moccasins.

Kevin was awake so he drove me to school

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Kevin was awake so he drove me to school. I thanked him and went to the office to get my new scheduale. When I had my scheduale I went to my classes. Luckily they were still the same. I was still excused from working out in dance. I could participate in everything except sit ups and certain stretches for a few more weeks. Everyone wanted to see pictures of Bella. Luckily she was doing so well she was off her IV and breathing tubes, so I had new picutres of her. Everyone loved how adorable she was. A bunch of people loved the pictures of Nick holding her. I couldn't help but feel happy that everyone loved my little girl. Durring lunch I got a text from Nick.'Hey babe. Just checking on you, hope your first day back is going well. Mom got a call from the hospital about Bella.' I was wondering what it could be about so I texted him back quickly.'What's going on? Is it good or bad news. I don't think I can handle bad news right now.'

I sighed and went to get my books for my next two classes. I was at my locker when my phone started ringing, I quickly went into the bathroom and locked a stall. "Hello?" "Hey babe. Don't worry it's good news. The doctors said Bella came come home this weekend. She's gained more than they wanted her to. She's finally coming home. My mom is already working on the bassinet and putting clothes in your room." "Seriously? OMJ!!! That's the best news I've had all day!! This amazing!!! I better go before I get caught. Pick me up please?" "Of course I was planning on it anways. Go before you're late I love you." "Love you too!!" I quickly hung up and got my bag and books and went to class with a smile on my face. I was so happy when school ended and I saw Nick's car waiting in the front of school in his usual spot.

He came over and scooped me up and spun me around. I was so happy to be with him. "You ready to see our little girl?" "Yes please. I've been dying to see her all day. Everytime I showed someone a picture I just wanted to hold her in my arms." "Well let's go see her then since it's still early enough." I smiled and put my books in the back seat and climbed in and we headed over to the hospital to see my little girl. When we got there we went straight to her room. Good thing I kept my hospital bracelets on because we could get in with out having to go through security. When we got to her room she was awake and playing with the stuffed bear Joe got her. "Hi princess!!" I picked her up and held her. "Mommy missed you so much!!" She just cooded and played with my hair. "I can't wait to have you home. Nana has been going crazy all day setting everything up for you." Nick said taking her from me. I just loved how sweet their father daughter moments were.

"Miss. Mauvais and Mr. Jonas, so nice to see you. So I guess you heard the good news about Bella?" Dr.Martinez, Bella's main doctor, said as she came in. "Yeah. My mother has been going crazy all day trying to get everything set up for when she comes home." Nick said laughing. "Well since she is past the weight we wanted her to be at she can go home tomorrow if you would like?" "Really?" "Yes. All her final blood work has come back clean. But since heart issues run in your family, I want to her to have tests done at her 3 month check-up and be screened for any conditions. Just as a precaution." "Sure. I was planning on taking to her to my pediatrition anyways. He probably will tell me the same thing." "Good well, visiting hours are almost up. I'll let you stay until she falls asleep." "Thank you." "No problem. She is going to be missed around here." We all laughed. I took Bella back from Nick and sat down in the rocking chair. I gently rocked the chair as I sung to her. I sang 'A Little Bit Longer' while Nick had his guitar and played along. After the song was over, she had fallen asleep so we kissed her forehead and I placed her in her crib, gave her bear and covered her up. "Night princess. See you tomorrow. We love you." I sighed and Nick grabbed me and we walked out to the car and headed home.

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