Chapter 41: Show time!!!! part 1

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RECAP: Soon someone's hand was in front of my face snapping me from my thoughts. I shake my head and look to see who it was. I look up and see Kevin's hand in front of my face. "You okay babygirl?" "Yeah, just tired and thinking about everything that's coming up."

"Well finish eating then you can shower and go to sleep early." Denise said. "I know. I'm just about done anyway since I had a burrito earlier during my break during rehearsals." "Okay, well if you're done you can go now and get your stuff together."

I smiled and thanked her and went to get my clothes and towels ready. "Need any help babe?" "No. I'm fine, thanks anyway. Want me to lay out some clothes for you when I'm done?" "Sure, that would be nice." So I kissed him and went to take my shower. I put my clothes in the bathroom and put Nick's on the bed, after that I went into the bathroom and placed my phone on the iHome deck and turned on some music.

I turned on the water and waited for it to warm up. When it was a the right temperature, I carefully got in and relax automatically. Once I was relaxed a bit more, I washed my hair, my body and face. Once I rinsed off, I turned off the water and slowly got out. 

I carefully dried off and got dressed, then hung up my towels, grabbed my phone and went into the bedroom. When I walked in I saw Nick laying down on the bed watching TV. I laughed and went to lay next to him. "How was your shower?" "Good. I feel a bit better." "That's good. Come lay down, you look exhausted." I nodded and climbed into bed, I cuddled up next to him and got comfortable. I tried watching whatever he had on but I was too tired, so I started falling asleep. I tired fighting it but it was to hard.

"It's okay, go to sleep babe. Don't try to fight it. You've had a long day, I can tell. Just get some sleep." Nick whispered to me. I nodded and fell asleep to Nick singing to me. He was playing one of my favorite songs, one of his, Dear God. I loved how his voice sounded now that he was older. His voice was so cute when he original sung it but it was more romantic now that he was older and mature. 

Dear God

I hate to be a bother, but I gotta say

This world is getting crazier with every day

I hope you'll hear me out now as I stop and pray

Oh, Dear God

People take your words and try to twist 'em round

I know you can't be happy with what's goin' down

I'm searchin' for some answers, but they can't be found

Can you help me out, Dear God?

Oh, Seams like,

Everybody's searching for an easy solution

They can't see beyond, the selfish world they're living in

Your words of love get lost, in all the confusion, yes they do

But I still believe someday you're gonna speak to me

Dear God,

Just the other night I heard somebody say

What's the use believin' in you anyway

I guess it was just heartache talkin' through the pain

It's a cryin' shame
Dear God,

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