Chapter 15: Texas here we come!!

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Kevin's POV

I hate seeing Nick so sick like this. I should have taken him straight to the hospital when he called instead of taking him home. I hated sitting there waiting to hear if he was responding to the treatment. "Hey relax. Worrying about him isn't gonna make the wait go quicker." I looked up and saw that it was Dani. I hugged her so tight. I love how she's here to help me deal with this. "Everything's gonna be alright. They're probably waiting to see how he's responding and if he's improving before letting us know. And this is not your fault you did what you thought was best." "Yeah. You're right." I looked over at at Andi she was sitting in her cousin's lap crying. She's so close to Nick and she hates when he's in situations like this. It must feel like spring break all over again for her. I went over to them and placed her in my lap. "Don't worry baby girl. We'll get an update soon. I promise you." She just sat there and continued to cry until she fell asleep.

Half an hour later a doctor came out and talked to my parents about Nick's condition. By the look on mom's face I could tell it was good news. "So what's going on?" Joe asked. "Well your brother was very dehydrated even though he had two water bottles. They're re-hydrating him now. He's gonna have to be admitted for a few days so they can keep an eye on him and make sure he improves. We can go see him 2-3 people at a time." Dad said. "Andi wake up. We can go see him." She woke up. "Can you go with me please." "Sure me and Dani will." So we all got up and went to his room. He was asleep but looked better and relaxed. Andi immediately went and sat next to him and held his hand. She just sat there and held his hand. She was so quiet but I could tell it was hard for her not to be able to help him.

Suddenly she just started crying again. She was hurting bad. "Andi?" "Nick? Oh my gosh! How are you feeling?" "Better. I think. I'm really tired." "It's the medicine. It's gonna make you drowsy. How's your headache and dizziness?" "Better. Where's mom dad Joe and Frankie?" "They're in the waiting room. I'll go get them. Dani stay with them please." "Sure." I kissed her then went to go get my family. "Hey. Nick's awake and wants to see you guys." They all smiled and followed me back to the room. Andi was calm and happy now that Nick's doing better. I was glad my brother was doing better, and I was glad Andi was doing better also. I think she was doing better knowing Nick was.

~*~*~*~*Andrea's POV~*~*~*~*

A week later

I'm so happy Nick is doing better. I could finally relax and enjoy my summer. Nick's doing better and Joe was cleared to fly so we're on our way to Texas to enjoy our summer together before the boys have to leave to film their new movie, Camp Rock. Joe plays a rockstar with bad attitude and is sent to his uncle's camp for a month and has to sing with the winner of the competitions. It sounds like its going to be fun. Sucks that its in Canada, but they promised to keep in touch while they're gone. We were at the house waiting for Big Rob to pick us up and take us to the airport. Then I heard a car honk. "Andi come on Rob's here!!" Kevin shouted. "I'm coming!!!" I ran out of my room with my purse and carry on bag. "Hey squirt. Ready to go?" Rob said as he took my suitcases and placed them in the back of the van. "Yup! Can't wait to get away from all the drama and have a relaxing vacation!!" I hopped in the van and sat next to Nick in the middle and Joe sat next to me. Kevin Dani and Frankie were sitting behind us with their mom while their dad sat in the front with Rob.

An hour later we were at the airport. Since we were taking a private plane we automatically pulled up to the plane instead of going through security. Joe got out first, being cautious of his bad leg. Then Rob helped me out, then Nick, Kevin Frankie Dani and Denise got out after us. We all climbed up the stairs and into the plane. It was really nice and big. I found a spot next to the window. Nick found me and sat next to me. "Ready to leave Orange County and get away from all the crazy ex-boyfriend drama?" "Most definitely."

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