Chapter 4: Really Scary

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Andrea's POV

The next day I went over to Nick and Joe's to see what they were up to and how they were doing knowing Kevin was doing better. I knocked on the door and Joe answered. He was crying alot, so I asked him why he was crying. "Nick won't wake up! I've been trying to get him up for the past 20 minutes but he wont budge!!" He was sobbing so hard. So I went inside and went over to Nick's bed and tried myself to get him up but he wouldn't wake for me either. Then something popped in mind. "Do you remember if he checked his levels last night when we got back?" I asked Joe. "He was about to when he remember that he left his bag in our parents car. So he changed his clothes and went to bed." he told me.

I remembered what my cousin Jason taught me to do whenever I was in this kinda of situation with Nick. So I checked his pulse and his breathing, the way Jason showed me, because he looked really weak and pale. His pulse was weak and his breathing was really slow, like slower than it should be when someones sleeping. "Joe you need to call 911 and tell them your diabetic brother has a weak pulse and slow breathing." "My phone has bad reception out here" "Fine then go to the camp store and explain the situation to them then." So he ran out the door and over to the camp store. I keep trying to wake Nick. "Nick please! You have to wake up for me! PLEASE!!" I told him over and over again until Joe came back. 

When he cam back we moved Nick onto the couch. Once we got him onto the couch Joe said "They called an ambulance. It should be here soon." "OK. I kept trying to wake Nick while you were gone but still no luck." I told him. "I'm scared what if he doesn't wake up like Kevin did Andi?" Joe questioned as we sat there in the trailor waiting for the paramedics to arrive. "Don't worry. He's a fighter. He'll come out of this, just like Kevin did. Trust me I know you brother. He wont let this affect him." I assured him as I hugged him. Half-an-hour later there was a knock on the door. I got up and answered it. The paramedics had arrived. I let them in and showed them where Nick was. They asked us alot of questions. Joe answered all of the ones he knew the answer to. They checked his levels when we told them he was a Type 1 diabetic. One of them said his levels were dangerously low. So they quickly carried him outside and placed him on the stretcher. Joe went with Nick to the hospital. 

Once they left, I ran over to, mine, Christian and Kristy's trailor crying

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Once they left, I ran over to, mine, Christian and Kristy's trailor crying. Christian came over to me and hugged me. He pulled me over to the couch. "Hey, what's wrong? Why are you crying?" Kristy asked me. "Nick went to the hospital,extremely low glucose levels" I tried to tell them I between sobbing. They just hugged me tigher and I just broke down in their arms. "Sshh. It's gonna be ok. He's going to be just fine" Christian told me as he rubbed circles in my back trying to calm me down. And it worked. But I was still extremely worried about him.

As soon as I was calm enough to talk, McKenzie called

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As soon as I was calm enough to talk, McKenzie called. 

ME: "Hey"

McKenzie: "Hey how's your spring break going? Where are you again? Colorado river right?"

Me: " Yeah. California side." 

McKenzie: "You're with Christian. Kristy and the Jonas family right?"

ME: "Yeah. Im with Kristy and Christian at the moment" I said,trying to hold back the tears

McKenzie: "Why do you sound so sad? Did something happend?"

I tried to keep myself from crying but i couldnt so Kristy took the phone, put it on speaker, and told her what was happening. "OMG!! IM SO SORRY!!! HOW ARE THEY?? DO YOU KNOW ANYTHING???" McKenzie asked. "All we know is Kevin should be released by today or tomorrow. Joe went with Nick and said he would let us know if there was any changes with Nick as soon as he knew anything" Christian said. I stopped crying but was still very upset. "Well let me know what happens with Nick as soon as you know anything. Dont worry Andrea, he'll be fine. You know he's strong and doesn't let anything slow him down" she told me. "Thanks. I know and I will." "Enjoy the rest of the week. I'll see you guys at school next week." "Bye" "Bye Mckenzie!" the three of us said in unison. Kristy ended the call after we said 'bye'.

I decided to use the bathroom real fast before I called Joe and see if he had anything new on Nick and also see how Kevin was doing. I washed my face and used the toilet. Once I was done, I sat down on my bed,  and asked Christian for my phone back. When I got it back I looked for Joe's number and called it. He answered it after the 4th ring. "Hey Andi! What's up?" "Just wondering how Kevin was doing and if you had any updates on Nick?" I asked trying not to sound upset even though I knew I was. "Nick's slowly improving and Kevin's being released today. Hey do you Christian and Kristy want to come see Nick for a bit?" "I know I do. I'll check with the other two to make sure they want to first " i told him."OK. Let me know if you guys are coming " he said. "I will. I'll text you when i have an answer." i told him "Ok. See you later then." he said. "Ok Bye Joe thanks for the update" i said. "You're welcome." he said as he hung up.

I climbed off the bed and went to ask Christian and Kristy if they wanted to go see Nick and Kevin. "Of course. It would be nice to see them before we leave tomorrow " Kristy said, and Christian agreed with her. So we went over to my parents trailor and asked my dad if we could go see the boys. "Sure. Just make sure you have everything packed except for clothes your gonna sleep in and wear tomorrow on the way home " he said. "Ok, thanks dad!" I said as I hugged him. Christian and Kristy went back over to their trailor and put everything but the clothes their gonna sleep in and wear tomorrow away and I did the same. Once all three of us were done, my dad took us to see the boys.

TO BE CONTINUED........................................................................................



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