Chapter 45: Getting sick on tour blows

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After I sent the picture to my mom and posting it online, Joe came back in with food. "Mom was making stuff for dinner so I went ahead and made you a sandwich and I got a kit for you too." "Thanks." "You're welcome. How long have they been like that?" "A few minutes after you left." He handed me the kit first then handed me the food after I tested a good 102 and started eating. While I was eating Joe took the ice pack off my knee.

"Looks alot better. How do you feel?" "Better, not as bad as I did this morning." "Good. I'm gonna take this with me and clean it. Need anything else?" "Nah. I'm good. I think I'm just gonna sleep for a while." "Sure thing, sis." He kissed my head and left. I sighed and moved closer to Nick and snuggled up to him. He moved his arm and wrapped it around my waist and pulled me closer to him. I kissed Bella's head and fell asleep.

I slept for about 3 hours when I heard Bella start to fuss a bit. I woke up and saw she was still laying with Nick. I gently moved his right hand from my waist and his left from Bella's back and texted Joe to come help me feed Bella. I put Nick's arm back on his stomach and sat up a bit. Joe came in quietly. "Hey, you said you needed help?"

"Yeah, can you help me to either my room or some where else so I can let him sleep and I can feed her." "Yeah. Want you walker, crutches or chair?" "Chair please. Still really tired." "Sure be right back." So he left to find my wheelchair. I just sat there trying to keep Bella calm without waking Nick. Knowing him and how he was feeling, he needed all the sleep he could. Joe came back 2 minutes later with my chair.

"Found it, want to go in the movie room and hang out with us. And by us I mean me, Kevin, Dani and Frankie." "Sure that sounds nice." So he took Bella from me and sat her down on the bed and placed her in between two pillows in case she moved, then helped me into my chair. Once I was sitting comfortably he gave me Bella back, then we left the room quietly without waking Nick. Once we were clear of the room we started talking.

"So feeling any better after you're nap?" "Much. How long was I out for?" "3 hours." "Wow 3 hours. I really must have been tired if I slept that long." "True. You haven't slept that long since before Bella was born." "That's true. That's what I get for having a baby at 15, even if it wasn't my fault." "Don't be so hard on yourself. You've been doing so good with her so far and she seems to be so happy whenever she sees you or is near you." I sighed. 

"I guess you're right. I guess I had a bit of a relapse for sec there." When I looked up I saw that we were in the movie room. Dani, Kevin and Frankie were sitting on the couches watching TV. "Hey guys, look who I brought?" They looked up and saw me with Bella. "Hey sis, feeling better?" Kevin asked. "Yeah. Much, thanks." "Want to come sit by me?" Dani asked. "Sure, thanks." So Joe walked over towards Dani and I handed Bella to her so I could get out of my chair and sit next to her.

He helped me sit down so I was comfortable and moved my chair out of the way. "I'll be right back. I'm gonna go put this away and get you're cover up and pillow." "Thanks Joe." "No problem." He kissed my head and left to go put my chair away and get my nursing kit. Bella was starting to wake up a bit more and was tugging at Dani's shirt signaling me that she was hungry.

Dani tried calming her down a bit. "Shh, baby girl. Uncle Joey went to go get mommy's pillow so she can feed you. He'll be back soon and then mommy will feed you." I smiled over at them. I just loved seeing all the different relationships Bella has with this family. Soon Joe returned with my cover up, my pillow and a burp cloth. "Got you're stuff. All nice and clean thanks to Mom. She washed them after you got home from the appointments."

"Thanks." I took the pillow first and put it around my waist, then fixed my shirt so it wasn't stuck under the pillow and I could move it so I could undo my bra when I had my cover up on. Once I fixed my shirt and pillow on Joe slipped my cover on. I took a breath and smelled it and smiled.

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