Chapter 24: Difficult times

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~~~~Nick's POV after the fight~~~~

I can't believe she was being so rude to me when all I was trying to do was help her get over her high hangover. She's helped me before when I've had them when she's around. Hopefully she doesn't drop low. With mom, Joe and Frankie around hopefully they will keep an eye on her while I'm gone. I drive over to the high school and pull into the open parking lot by the gyms. I grab my bags and head over to the track. I find a spot on the bleachers for my stuff, check my levels and then started running bleacher laps. I ran for a good 20 minutes before I got tired. So I went over to my spot and sat down. I checked my phone to see if i had any new messages from anyone at home. There wasn't any so I decided to run some more since my levels were still good. I ran for another 30 minutes before I started to get dizzy. Luckily I saw Andrea's friends Steven and Shea walking the same way I was coming from. They noticed me and came running over to help me.

"Hey Nick, you OK?" Shea asked. "Just a bit tired and dizzy. Can you help me over to the bleachers? I'm diabetic and need to check my blood sugar levels. I can't go home if their bad. Andrea and my mom will be mad at me for not tracking them better." "Sure. Show us where you left your stuff and we'll stay with you until you feel better. Knowing Andrea, she'll probably kill me if I left you here alone with Christian around." Steven said. I showed them where I left my stuff and sat down and chugged water bottle. Once I felt a bit better, I got my kit out and tested.

I tested a 55, so I grabbed a bag of skittles out and started eating them. "Want me to get you something else from the vending machine? Chips or more candy or maybe some more water?" Shea asked. I checked my bag and saw I was low on candy so I asked him to get me some water and candy. "I'll be right back. Just take it easy for now until you fell its safe to go home. I don't want you getting into an accident especially with Andrea's knee and Bella." "Yeah I know and my oldest brother being out of town its even harder. My dad's busy working with other artists on our label and my mom takes care of me, Andi, Frankie and Joe plus Bella."'

"I bet. How often do you have to check?" Steven asked. "Depends. Mostly main meals or when I'm high or low." "If this is what your like when you low what are you like when your high?" "During the night, I wake up hot and thirsty and have a bad urge to use the bathroom. During the day is when its bad." "Why?" "I get really mean and snap easily at certain comments that are funny. Andi and my brothers call it 'Hulk smash mode'. I tend to piss people off when its a daytime high. Nights are usually better. If I'm home, I'll go to our music room and mess around with either my piano or guitar, days I'll do the same but I'll play my drums really hard if Bella's awake." When we were done talking Shea returned from the vending machines with my snacks. "Here you go. You should check again see if your back to normal." Shea suggested. "Thanks. I was thinking the same thing. I don't feel as shakey as I was when I first checked." So Steven handed me my kit and I tested. This time it was a 69. A bit better but still low. So I grabbed the bag of Cheese-Itz and ate them. Both bags actually.

After the second bag, I started to feel much better than I did the first time I tested after the second round of bleachers. I tested again and was back in range. I was at 82 which was a whole lot better than the 55. "You like you're feeling better." "I am. I'm at 82, which is back in my normal range." "Well good, and don't worry we won't tell Andrea about this." "Thanks." "No problem. Your secret is safe with us." "Yup. We won't tell her that this ever happened," "Thanks guys. I really do appreciate it." After we said our goodbyes, I went out to my car and headed over to Andrea's house and picked up her mom since I knew she want to see the girls yesterday but it was late yesterday when she called. So when I got to the house I saw her mom outside washing storage bins. "Hi Mrs.Mauvais." "Hi sweetie." I walked over and hugged her. "Where are the girls?" "At my house. Andi was high last night and was still high this morning when we got in an argument so my mom told me to leave and cool off so I decided to go over to her school and run for a while. It usually helps me calm down." "I can tell." She laughed. I forgot I was still in my running clothes.

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