Chapter 7: Really Weird

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Andrea's POV

I was at the hospital visiting Joe when I got a phone call call from the colorguard coach Candice at the high school saying I made the team. I was so happy. I totally forgot that I had tried out just before Spring Break with all the drama with the Jonas boys.

"Thank you so much Candice!!" I told her. "You're very welcome. I will let you know when practice starts" she told me. After that I called McKenzie, Kristy and my family. Of course the boys were the first to know since I was with them when I got the call. They all hugged me and were so happy for me. But when I got to Kristy she sounded like she had been crying.

"Hey whats wrong? Did something happen? Come on tell me please!" I told her. "Christian and his sister and a few of their friends were in a car accident close to The Honda Center. Everyone was hurt badly but he got the worst of the impact!!!" she was in complete tears when she told me that. "He has a dislocated left shoulder and his spleen ruptured from the impact. That's not the worst of it, hit his head on the seat in front of him and is in a coma!!!"

I started crying really hard. I was in complete shock and disbelief. I couldn't talk, I was crying so much that Nick asked her where they were taken. "They're at UCI Medical Center. Please come soon!! I need you here!!" "She'll be there we promise. Just hang in there until she comes." Nick said making me feel a bit better. "OK. Please hurry!!" and with that she hung up.

"Kevin?" I muttered under my crying. "Yeah Andi?" he asked. "Can you please take me?" I asked. "Sure. I was planning on it anyways. Come on I'll take you now." He said. So I hugged Joe goodbye and went back to Nick's room to get my stuff. Once Nick was in bed and comfortable, I hugged and kissed him goodbye and then Kevin and I left so I could be with my friends.

When we got there, I thanked Kevin and went to find Kristy. When I found her she was with Jason. She looked as if she had been crying just as much as I have. Jason came over to me and hugged me. I was confused about what he was doing here.

"Hey what are you doing here? I thought you had to work

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"Hey what are you doing here? I thought you had to work." I asked him. "I am working. The call I got  while I was on the show, was about Christian, his sister and their friends. I didn't know it was them until I got there." he told me. "When I got up to their car and saw that Clarissa was in the car, I remembered you telling me he had a sister and was able to match a name with a face. She was awake and I asked her what happened. She said she lost control of the car and hit a pole trying not to hit an oncoming car. I looked over at Christian and saw he was in bad shape. So I called my partner and told him we were going to take him since he was the worst off. I stayed in the back with him while my partner drove as fast as he could to get here. Once we got here, a doctor asked Clarissa is there was anyone they could call. She told them either her parents or Kristy's if they couldn't get a hold of theirs. Christian was rushed up to surgery as soon as we got him here." 

"Hey girls do you want to go see him now? He's allowed visitors now since he's stable." Kristy's dad asked us. "Sure. Thanks Jason for everything. Your the best cousin I could have. I'm so glad your my family!!" I said as I hugged him. "Me too Andi. Me too. And your welcome. Now go see your friend and I will be back to take you home when my shift is over. OK?" he told me hugging me back.

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