Chapter 20: Finally, True love exists

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Nick's POV

I'm on cloud 9 right now. I finally have the girl of my dreams. I was so happy when Andi told me that she loves me and wanted to tell me the day we got in a fight because I confessed my feelings towards her and kissed her afterwards. She broke up with that jerk and is with me now. We were laying down in my room cuddling. She had fallen asleep in my arms. She was laying on her side facing me, head on my chest and arms wrapped around my waist. She looked so calm and relaxed. I was glad she was over that jerk. I don't care if people call me her rebound. She was happier with me than she was with him. 

She stirred a bit and turned her head to look at me. "Hey feeling better?" She nodded her head. 'Much now that I'm with you.' I smiled and kissed her. "Well I'm glad." Just then my pod started beeping. I rolled my eyes and pressed the correction button. 'you should check you levels even though you just hit the correction button.' Damn this girl knows me too well. I chuckled a bit. "Okay I'll do it if you promise me something." 'And what might that be?' Even though she was signing I knew there would be a smirk in her voice if she was talking. "Give me a kiss." She got up and kissed me. "There happy now?" "Very." 'Good now go check your levels. I'm gonna go take a quick shower. I have school tomorrow.' I totally forgot that this weekend had flown by way too fast. "Okay. Don't take too long." 'I won't.' She kissed me again and went back to her room to take a shower. I noticed that she left her phone on the bed. So I picked it up and saw that she had a new message.

McKenzie 😜: Hey!! How's ur break going?? Heard u broke up with Christian and you're with Nick now. I'm so glad ur with him after what happened with Christian. 

I put the phone down on the nightstand and checked my levels. There were slightly below average for me, so I grabbed a juice and drank it. By the time I was done Andi came back. Her hair was still wet and was pulled into a messy bun. "Hey feeling better after your shower babe?" 'Yeah. Definitely need it. Back feels better.' "Good. Oh and McKenzie texted you while you were in the shower." 'Thanks. I'll text her back, but I'm gonna eat first. I'm really hungry.' "Want to go somewhere?" 'Sure. Let me get dressed and dry my hair then we can go. I really want Taco Bell.' 

 So she changed her clothes and dried her hair. When we were both ready we went to the Taco Bell by her house and got her something to eat. "What do you want to eat?" 'i'll have a crunchwrap and a soft taco and a large drink.' "Okay, I'll order and you find a spot to sit." She nodded and kissed me then we to find a spot for us to sit. I placed our order and went to sit with her. "Our order should be ready soon. What do you want to drink?" 'Mountain Dew Baja Blast please' 

So I get our drinks and put them on the table. I had her hers. "Here you go. Mountain Dew Baja Blast for you and a Diet Pepsi for me." 'Thank you.' We were sitting there for a few more minutes before our food was ready. 'That sounds like our order. You should go get it.' "You're right. Be right back." I got up and went to get our food. I got her a crunchwrap and soft taco and two hard tacos for me and an order of nachos for us to split. "I'm back. Hope you don't mind but I ordered Nachos Bell Grande for us to split. Your mom told me they were your favorite." She smiled really big. 'Awesome!! I love them. Every time me, her and Nikki come here we always get an order and split it. Thank you so much babe!! And can we go to Albertsons when were done? I want to get some snacks for school and maybe some new magazines.' "Sure. But if you find a picture of me don't laugh if it looks funny or ridiculous." 'aaww. you took away my fun. fine i won't laugh at you i'll laugh at Joe or Kevin.' 

So when we were done eating, we went over to the store. She went straight for the magazines. She picked out two teen magazines and her wrestling magazine. Then went to the candy and snack isle. She picked out a pack of dried pineapples, dried mangos and bananna chips. She grabbed two bags of chocolate covered raisins and peanuts. "Got enough food there?" I asked jokingly. "Yes. I'm taking a dance class for P.E. so I've been hungry alot after class. I have it 3rd period so by the time I'm halfway through 4th I'm hungry. So if I eat something in between I'm not starving at lunch.' "Good idea. Well if you're done we should get going. Dinner's gonna be ready soon and Mom hates it when we're late." 'Good idea. I'm just about done with the candy. I'm really craving mint chocolate chip ice cream. Do you think your mom would mind if we get some?' "Let me ask real quick and see what she says." So I take out my phone and called mom and asked her. 

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