Chapter 60: Getting ready for a new movie

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*~*~*~* Nick's POV *~*~*~*

I can't believe Bella is 7 months old now and Andi is back in school in her sophomore year of high school. She's been doing so well with her knee this time around, almost better than the first time she hurt it and after surgery. She wears her brace almost daily but only uses her crutches walker or wheelchair if she's having a bad flare up and it hurts too much to put regular pressure on it. My dad told us that Disney was doing a sequel to Camp Rock and they wanted us to be in it again and we agreed. Joe and Dani were still going to be love interests in the movie.

They were a bit hesitant to be a couple in the film since they were having a bit of tension between them since they haven't really admitted that they both have feelings for each other. Andi and Demi are getting closer every time they hang out together. They talk all the time but they really act super close when they get the chance to hang out. To me Demi is getting to the same level as closeness to Andi as Dani is on. And to me, it makes me happy to see them so close. I want Andi to be close to all of my friends as she can while still being close to her normal friends. Now if only Joe and Demi just suck it up and admit to each other that they like the other person.

Kevin and Dani's wedding is coming up soon and I could tell they were getting nervous, especially Kevin, since he was going to be the first one of us brothers to get married and he really wanted things to go right. I had a feeling Dani was just as nervous as he was but had a better way of showing it. The girls had all the dresses ordered and had a couple of fittings done to make sure everything fit the way they wanted. I already saw what dress they picked out for Bella and I thought it was adorable. I couldn't wait to see how she looked in it once they got the right size for her. They had to order a larger size, since the one they originally bought was tight on her since she had grown alot since they first picked it out.

Kevin still paid for the new dress like he had originally said he would. Andi tried to reason with him saying her dad was willing to pay for it but he reminded her of their original agreement. So they ordered the larger size and made sure this time it would fit her right and she wouldn't out grow it again. Andi told me it would be a bit big on her but she ordered it that way just in case Bella got taller again and she could re-wear it for future events and not just for the wedding.

When school started and they released the events calendar, Andi checked December to see when winter break was for them. When she saw it was around the time of the wedding, she was very happy knowing she would be able to still go without worrying about trying to get back to California from New York to be able to make it to school for the last week or so before break. Kevin and Dani wanted to stay at the venue a few days before the wedding and a few days after so no one had to rush home and could relax and enjoy the trip. I know that was a major relief for Andi knowing she could stay in New York and not try and rush home for school. So once it got closer to the wedding the girls will have their final fitting for all of their dresses to make sure they fit right. All of the other girls will do the same for their dresses as well. Dani is still working on the lineup to see who was going to be walking with each other.

We already planned on Andi and I walking together and maybe have Joe be with either Katie or Dina. She wanted either couples together or have her siblings with either one of his or a close family member or friends that get along. If Andi and I are paired up then we will be standing in the same spot on either side, meaning if she towards the front then I'll be in the same spot on Kevin's side. I know they talked about find a house out in New Jersey close to where her family lives and I know it's going to be hard on my mom when they leave, knowing how much she loves having them here. Andi is going to be just as upset as my mom is knowing how close the 3 of them are.

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