Chapter 34: Waiting for a miracle to happen

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REACAP: I went over and hugged Demi. "How is she? I heard what happened?" "Not sure. They haven't sent anyone to come talk to us yet." "Hopefully the come tell you soon." I look over and see Nick holding Bella and feeding her. He looked so tired and sad. I hated seeing him so sad and upset and a bit worried. I went over and sat next to him.

"How are you feeling?" "Better, just worried about Andi. This is worse than her anemia attacks over the summer." "I know. But if she was able to over come those, her PTSD from the rape, having twins and then loosing one, then become diabetic and hurt her knee, she will get past this" "I know. I just need her better no only for me but for Bella. She needs her mom." "I know."

I sat there and hugged him. Dad saw upset Nick was and left the room, probably to get some answers about Andi's condition. Hopefully they will tell him. Soon my phone rang and I saw it was Jason. "Hey any news yet?" "Nope. My dad just left to find someone who will tell him what's going on." "Hopefully they tell you something. How's Nick holding up?"

"He's hanging in there. Just worried about Bella and her missing her mom." "Hopefully they tell you something about her." "Yeah. Hopefully because Nick will feel a bit better if he had some answers about her." "Well I got to go. Let me know if you get any news." "I will." I hung up and saw my brother fell asleep, so I took my niece out of his arms and held her. 

"Hey babygirl. Your mommy's very sick right now but don't worry she's gonna get better soon. In the mean time me, your daddy, your uncles Kevin and Frankie, Aunt Dani and Nanna and Papa are gonna take care of you until she's better." She fell asleep in my arms, So I grabbed her blanket and covered her up. I just loved having her in my arms. I just sat there and stared at her. She looked so much like her mom in so many ways.

Soon my dad came in and told us what was going on with Andi. "How is she?" "She's stable for now. They're monitoring her fever and levels. Hopefully she'll respond to the medicine and wake up soon. But for now, she's still out. They've got her levels under control and her fever has gone down a bit." "When can we see her?" "When she's more stable. For now, all we can do is continue to pray and hope she wakes up." 


 Dani's POV

I feel so bad for Nick. He's so tired, worried and upset about Andi. As soon as were able to see her, he hasn't left her side. The doctors were able to stabilize her levels and were able to break her fever a bit, but like Nick, her's was being stubborn and wasn't going down as fast as they wanted it to. Joe, Kevin and I have been taking turns staying with him and watching Bella. Demi took Frankie and Maya back to the house so they could take care of the dogs.

Every time it was my turn to check on Nick he would be sitting in the same spot. He never left her side, he was more scared this time then he was with her anemia attacks. The hospital understood why he never left her side, he loved her and felt guilty about the situation. I wish he would stop blaming himself. It wasn't his fault she got sick. She was sick when he was in the hospital, and she only saw him once. He barely ate and we were getting worried about his levels.

"Nick you need to eat something." I said to him softly. "I'm not hungry." "Come on, you need too. You passed out earlier because of your levels. Please eat something if not for me, then for Andi and Bella. She doesn't need both her parents in the hospital." He sighed and started eating the food Joe bought him.

I smiled and made sure he ate everything and tested after. "109. I'm fine." "I know, just making sure." He sighed and got up. "Watch her for me please? I need to use the bathroom and get more candy." "Sure." He smiled a bit then went over to Andi. "I'll be right back baby girl. I need to get more candy and use the bathroom."

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