Chapter 26: Hard trying times part 2

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RECAP:  I decided to check on Nick and see how he was doing. I call his phone first in case he was up or had it near him. "Hello?" he answered very sleepily. "Hey honey, feeling any better?" "Kinda. Been in bed since you left. Only go up a few times to use the bathroom." "I'm sorry you feel so bad sweetie." "It's okay. Joe's been helping me alot since I haven't had the strength to get up on my own. And Elvis has been keeping me company the entire time. How are you?" "I'm okay. At the orthopedist waiting to get x-rays."


"WAIT, X-RAYS???!!! ARE YOU OKAY? IS ANYTHING BROKEN?" "Baby calm down, he thinks its just a sprain or torn ligaments and muscles but wants to make sure that's all that it is. No need to worry, okay?" "Are you sure? You could always have the family doctor take a look at it." I sighed and passed the phone to Kevin. "Talk to your brother please. He's freaking out about the x-rays."

"Sure." Dani looked over at me. "What's going on?" "Nick's freaking out about the x-rays. He wants me to get a second opinion by the family doctor." "Wow so that's who he's talking to." "Yeah. Is she awake?" "Yeah, you want to hold her don't you?" "Please, she seems to calm me down." "Sure." So she gets Bella out of her stroller and hands her to me.

"Hey my sweet girl." She just looks up at me with her big blue eyes. I felt calm at that moment. Kevin came back and seemed a bit upset. "Here's your phone back. I was able to get him to calm down. He was stubborn about it but I got him to relax and not stress out. He said he was going to take a nap and wants to know what happens here when we're done."

"Thanks Kevin. I know that was hard for you to do but in the end it was worth it. We don't want a call from mom saying Nick's in the hospital." "True." Soon we heard my name being called. Dani stayed in the waiting room while Kevin helped me. We went to the waiting area for the x-rays. We sat there for about 3 minutes until it was my turn.

We go inside and Kevin helps me on the table then waits outside with my crutches and my jewelry. As soon as I was done he came back in and I put my jewelry back on. Then they tell us to wait in the main waiting room until the x-rays were done and there was a room open. "So what did they tell you?" "Nothing yet. have to wait for the x-rays to develop and a room to become available."

"How long will that take?" "I'm not sure. Hopefully not too long because I want to go home and check on Nick. He sounded pretty bad when I called him earlier, well before the freaking out part. At least I didn't mention the possibility of surgery to him or else Kevin would have been on the phone a lot longer." "True but hopefully he is sleeping again." "He said he's been like that. He still needs help out of bed since he's still so weak from the nausea. He said Joe's been helping him and Elvis is sleeping with him." "Yeah mom's been trying to get him to eat so he doesn't bottom out and end up in the hospital." Kevin said. 

"Hopefully that doesn't happen. I serious would freak out like he did if that happened." "I think we all would." Soon Bella started getting fussy. "Dani did you bring any bottles?" "No I forgot." I sighed then Kevin spoke up. "I packed your cover up, pillow and burp cloth just in case." "Thanks." "Your welcome." Soon my name was called again and all 4 of us went to the room they had for us. "The doctor will be in a few minutes after he checks the x-rays." "Thank you." "Your welcome." So as soon as she left Kevin helped me onto the table and then took Bella and rocked her until I was set up. Dani helped me with my pillow and cover up. Then I fixed my shirt and made sure I was comfortable before Kevin gave me Bella. 

"You ready?" "Yeah." So he set her down on the pillow and I moved the cover up and made sure she latched on right. "So what do you think he's gonna say?" "I'm not sure. Just don't want to hear 'surgery'. I don't want that so close to the dance show. I will perform and then have it after. I'll be out for finals. That's fine by me, all I want to do is perform in the showcase." "Are you sure that's what's gonna happen?" "No but just exploring the options." I sighed and leaned against the wall. "Don't think so negatively, you know it effects Bella when she's feeding."

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