Chapter 49: Going Back on Tour

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*~*~*~* Nick's POV *~*~*~*

It feels so good to be back on the road again. As much as I liked the hotel, there's just something about being on the tour bus that makes me feel free and happy. My parents were able to get a separate bus for Kevin, Dani, Andi, Bella and I. They made it so we each have our own room. Joe and Frankie are with Mom and Dad on their bus, or as Mom calls it 'the family bus'.

Andi and I were currently laying in our bed watching TV. Mom had Bella for a while giving us some alone time. I was finally feeling better. I had almost all of my strength back. I was still taking it easy until I had all of my strength back. I didn't want to end up in the hospital again. I've had enough trips for a long time.

I noticed it was quite so I decided to get up and see if Kevin was up or not. "What are you doing babe?" Andi asked me. I totally forgot she was still up. "Going to see if Kevin and Dani are up. Its too quite for my liking." She just laughed. "They're probably going over wedding plans. Just leave them alone. But if it makes you feel better I'll go with you."

"No that's OK. Just stay here and relax. I won't be gone long. I'll probably check my levels while I'm up." "I'm going with. You know I relax better when you're with me. Besides I'm starting to get hungry and need to take my meds soon." I sighed and gave in. "Fine." She smiled and got up.

We walk out of our room and head towards the front. When we got there, we found Kevin and Dani sitting at the table with what looked like Dani's wedding planner. "I told you they were going over wedding plans." Andi said as she went over and sat next to them. I rolled my eyes and sat next to her.

"What are guys talking about?" Kevin asked us as I sat down. "Nick didn't like how quiet it was in here so he decided to come out here and see what you guys were doing. I said you were probably working on wedding plans, which I was right about, and I  told him to leave you guys alone and come back to bed. But he was still being stubborn about it so I told him I  would come out here with him." Andi started telling them.

"Typical you Nick, always stubborn about things. Anyway so back to your story sis." Kevin said laughing a bit. I just rolled my eyes and got up and grabbed something to eat out of the fridge. I grabbed some juice and poured some for me and Andi as well, since I could tell she was getting a bit low. I also grabbed some food for us to share. I put the food and drinks on the table and went to our room and grabbed our kits.

I sat the kits down by the sink and motioned for Andi to come check her levels with me. She nodded and came over. I handed her, her kit and she started testing. I waited until she was done so I could help her before testing myself. "What did you get babe?" I asked her. "64, nothing some food can't fix. Now its your turn."

She said, so I set my meter up and tested my own levels. "Now tell and what you got." she told me and I checked the meter and read her the number. "75, just need to eat a bit and take a shot and I should be good." "Good, let's take our shots and eat" she told me. So I helped her set up her shot and gave it to her, then she did the same for me. Once we were done cleaning up, we sat back down at the table and started eating.

After we ate, my mom called us. "Hey Mom." "Hey sweetie, we're going to stop in a bit so I can give Bella back. I think she's starting to get tired and misses her parents. She keeps saying 'Mama' and 'Dada'. So I decided to bring her back to you guys." "OK that's fine. Thanks for taking her as long as you did." "No problem honey. Your Dad and I enjoyed having her with us, so did your brothers." "I'm glad she had a good day."

"Well, I'll see you in a bit when we stop." "Sure see you in a bit." So we hung up and I went into the bedroom and saw Andi doing a load of laundry. "Hey babe, I was about to start a load of laundry, need anything washed?" she asked me. "Just whatever's in the laundry basket should be good." "OK, mind asking Kevin and Dani if they need anything done while I'm at it." "Sure, no problem babe." "Thanks." I kissed her and went up to Kevin and Dani's room and knocked on their door. "Come in." I go in and see them laying in bed watching TV.

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