Chapter 9: The Game

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Author's note: Since I finished chapter 8 really fast I decided to upload chapter 9. Here it is. I have nothing written after this but I will make-up the rest of the story from memory as best as I can. It will take me a couple of days to remember it and to write it down the type it on here but I will do my best to remember what happenes next in my story. So enjoy it and add it to ur library or reading lists. And make sure to let ur friends that like Jonas stories like this to read it and add it to their libraries and reading lists!!!

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 Andrea's POV

As we were waiting for the doctor to update us about Joe's condition, Selena and Demi came up to us crying. They said they heard about what happened to Joe. We talked for about 15 minutes before a surgen came up to us and updates us about Joe. "The surgery went fine. We were able to fix the break in the bones and close the skin where the bone was sticking out. He's being moved to his room as we speak. I will let you know when it's safe for you come back and visit. He will be here for about a week then he will be released. He will be on crutches for about 4-6 weeks. Make sure he doesn't put any pressure on it for at lest 3 weeks or when the orthopedist clears him. Other than that he should be fine. I will let you know when he's able to have visitors" he said when he was done.

"Thank you so much" Denise, their mom, said. "No problem ma'am. I better go make sure your son is ok and see if he needs anything" he said and left. I was so relifed to hear the good news about Joe. About 20 minutes later a nurse came and got us and said Joe was in his room and was able to have visitors but only a few people at a time. So his parents went in the room first. Then Nick and I took Frankie when it was our turn. When we got to his room we saw that he was still intibated and his leg was placed in a rectractor. A nurse said the doctors placed him in to help the bones heal properly. It was so weird to see him that way. The nurse said it would take a couple of days before the doctor was ready to take him off the ventalator. Frankie stayed close to me. He was so scared and upset. He hated seeing his brother in the condition he was in. 

"What if Joe noticed the car later Rudy might be here and not him" he said crying. I sat down in rocking chair and pulled him into my lap. "Listen to me. What our brother did was a very brave and heroic thing to do. OK? He knew what would would happen and he did it anyway. That goes to show how much he cares for me and the people I love" I told him. We just sat there, him in my lap and me rubbing his back. Nick sat on the opposite side of the bed and held Joe's hand. "You're a hero bro. You saved Rudy. That was so incredibly brave of you" he said. I got up and placed Frankie in the chair and went and sat down next to Nick. 

"Rudy told me to tell you that he is extremely greatful for your actions. He says your his hero. Trust me, you already are to me" I told him. "Don't worry about Rudy. He has a few bruised and broken ribs and is on bedrest for a while. He would be in alot worse shape if you hadnt saved him when you did." I looked over at Frankie and saw he was awake so he came over and sat with us. Just then Joe opened his eyes. "Hey don't try to talk. You're still intibated from the surgery. They weren't sure how you would re-act from being under longer than your apendecimey." I told him.  "Frankie go grab a nurse or doctor and let them know Joe's awake and fighting the ventilator" I said. 

So Frankie left to find Joe's nurse or doctor. "Just stay calm and relax, OK? Frankie will be back and you will be off the ventilator soon. Just try not to fight it, OK." I told him and he nodded his head up and down mean it was a yes. Sure enough Frankie returned with Joe's doctor. He was pleased and suprised to see Joe doing better sooner than they expected. "OK, I need you to take a deep breath in and hold it untill I saw to let it out" the doctor told Joe. He gave a thumbs up and did what the doctor said. As soon as the tube was out Joe started coughing. I poured him some water. "Here drink this slowly. It will help with the coughing" I said. I helped him hold the cup. "Thanks. How's Rudy?" he asked. "He's fne more importanly how are you?" Nick said. "A bit sore. My back hurts a bit and so does my leg but other than that I'm ok." he said. Just then Rudy and his sister Janett walked in. Rudy was sitting in a wheelchair since he was supposed to be at home on bed rest. 

"Hey are you?" Rudy asked. "I'm OK . A bit sore and in slight pain but I'm OK. How are you?" Joe asked. "I'm ok. Sore also. Im on bed rest for at least 6 weeks. Bunch of bruised, broken and cracked ribs. You know if it wasn't for what you did we would be in oppostie spots right now" he said. "I know. I'm glad you're not as bad as I thought you would be" he said. "Your my hero dude. I'm serious. If it wasn't for you I would be in that bed insted of you" Rudy said. "Hey, you're welcome. And I did it because I thought it was the right thing to do." Janett said that she was greatful for Joe's actions towards her brother. 

"I'm gonna go let mom and dad and Kevin know that you're awake. Frankie come with me. You look like you're fall asleep soon" Nick said. Frankie yawned and followed Nick. We all just laughed. "I wanted to tell you that the police found the guy who hit us. They said he was drunk and was arrested for D.U.I and felony hit & run" Rudy said. We were all shocked that he was caught so soon.  Rudy looked really tired. "Come on let's get you home. Mom probably wants us home soon anyways" Janett said. "Can I catch a ride with you guys?" I asked. "Sure thing Andi. Since we live on the same street as each other" she said laughing. We all hugged Joe goodbye. As we were leaving Nick and Frankie returned with their parents and brother. 

"Leaving so soon?" Frankie asked. "Yeah little buddy. I'm tired and so is Rudy. I promise to make this night up to you, OK?" I said as we hugged. "You better I was really looking forward to watching the show with you" he said. "I know I was too" I said. "You need a ride?" Paul, their dad, asked. "Nah, I'll go with Janett and Rudy since the live across the street from me but thanks anyway Mr. Jonas. We better go so you guys can have some family time alone. I'll stop by tomorrow if I can" I said. "Sure thing Andi. I love you little sis!!" joe said. "I love you to big bro!!!" I said back. "Take it easy for me please" he told me. "I will and you promise me you'll do the same thing?" I asked. 

We left and headed down to the parking lot. "Can you stay here while I go get the car?" Janett asked me. "Sure thing sis. I don't mind waiting here." I said. "Thanks. I parked close so it won't take me that long to find it" she said. She left and went to find her car. Rudy looked like he was uncomfortable. "You ok Rudy?" I asked. "Yeah just a bit of pain and soreness. Nothing to be worried about" he said. "OK, just making sure. You look uncomfortable"I said. "I am but a just a bit. I'll probably be more comfortable when I'm home." he said. "Yeah that's true" I said. Soon enough Janett returned with her car. I got in the back seat first then she carefully helped Rudy out of his chair and into the car. Once he was in and comfortable, she closed the door and placed his chair in the trunk of the car, then got in and drove us home. When we pulled up to her house, their mom was waiting on the porch. She comes over and helps Rudy out of the car and into the house. 

"Thanks for the ride Janett" I say. "No problem. Tell your cousin thanks for me when you see him" she said. "Will do" I said and went home. When I got home I went straight for my room and saw an envelope with a note on it. It was from Jason. He sent me pictures of Christian's accident. They were pretty nasty. I put them away, changed my clothes and went straight to bed. I was so tired, I had a dreamless sleep that night. 

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