Chapter 14: The Prom

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I've heard till now at least 10 songs waiting for Zayn to come home. I looked at the clock it was 7:15. There's still 45 minutes for prom. I looked at the mirror to see if anything is smudged or something like that. Everything was perfect. I wish tonight would be perfect too.

"Diana." I heard Zayn shout. He's finally here.

"Yeah Zayn." I shouted back.

"C'mon or we'll be late." He said.

"Okay but first promise me you won't laugh." I said.

"Promise." He said.

"Okay." I said and opened the door. I took a breath and got out of the room. I took my way down the stairs. My heart beating is getting faster. I was afraid he wouldn't like it. He looked at me and his face went blank. His reaction wasn't explainable.

"What do you think?" I asked. He didn't answer. He kept looking at me.

"I...I...mean." He managed to utter.

"What about you?" I asked.

"What did I say?" He asked.

"That's what I mean. Say something. You don't like it? It's too much. Right?" I said fighting back tears.

"Yes...So...Very." He said.

"It's that bad? Is it my hair or my dress? What?" I asked. I did all of this for him to see me beautiful but he didn't like it.

"Very...What?" He said like a lost little boy.

"Very what? Say something." I said.

"You look very beautiful. So beautiful that I was speechless. Lost of words." He said after clearing his throat.

"Really?" I said with my heart pounding fast .

"Even more than I described. I can't find the words that can describe how beautiful you look." He said. I looked at the mirror on the wall and fixed my hair a little bit. "But there's something missing. Let's complete it." He said. He went towards the table and got a fancy box that I've seen before. He opened it and revealed the necklace he bought me a while ago. Is that what El and Dani meant by Zayn's plan? "This would make the dress complete." He said and took the necklace off the box and stood behind me to put it on my neck. I put my hair on the left side so he would put it properly. He touched my neck with his hand making feel the blood rushing towards my cheeks. He buckled it up and I looked at the mirror. It fit the dress perfectly. I looked at Zayn who was looking at me.

"Thanks. I love it." I said and hugged him.

"My pleasure." He said and hugged back. I pulled back after a while and looked in his eyes.

"You look amazing." I complimented.

"Not as half as amazing as you look." He complimented back. "C'mon we should go." He said and stretched his hand for me to take it. I took it and we walked out of the house together holding hands. We got into the car and the driver drove to the hall where the prom should be. We arrived there and got out of the car. We walked hand in hand to the hall. It was full of people. I didn't expect to be much people.

"Hello." Harry said.

"Hey Harry. When you said only friends and family will be there, I thought there will be 20 people there not 200 people." I said.

"You look amazing." He said as if he didn't hear a word a said.

"Thanks. You look charming too." I said.

"I hate you Zayn for taking her from me." Harry said dramatically to Zayn. Zayn just rolled his eyes. We walked towards the table were the other boys and their girlfriends were sitting.

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