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I opened the door as my heart beating getting faster. The first face I saw was Zayn's face. I froze, staring at him. He was beautiful and I've never seen him that close. His hair, his eyes, his nose, his lips, everything in him was just perfect. He was looking at me, too. I can feel the blood rushing to my cheeks.

"Hello there." greeted Liam breaking my gaze at Zayn.

"H-Hey. I'm Diana Smith and I'll be your interviewer for the next hour." I said smiling at Liam and I streched my hand. He shook it.

"Liam Payne just touched me." Oh God. Here goes the fangirling voice inside of me. It gotta stop. They're just another celebrity that I'll interview. I've done it before. They're just One Direction. They're One Direction, THE BIGGEST BOYBAND IN THE WORLD.

"Hey. I'm Harry Styles." Harry said stretching his arm.

I shook it and he pulled me in for a kiss on the cheek. WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS TO ME?!?! I'm already blushing like mad. I feel like I'm melting. He then pulled back. DON'T FANGIRL. DON'T.FANGIRL

"Don't worry. I already know who you are. I'm a big, big fan. Literally, I fangirl over you all the time." I said regretting it afterwards. Why did I say that? Okay. Now I really wish I was melting and just disappear.

Zayn chuckled. It's always been my one and only wish to hear his laugh. I have no problem to die right now.

"Hello Diana." Niall said.

"Hey Niall." I said giving him a weak smile.

"She really does know our names." Niall said then laughed his adorable laugh.

"Hello." Louis said getting up from the sofa he was sitting on, just next to Zayn. LUCKY!

"Hey" I said smiling.

"Oh, so Niall gets a hey plus his name but I only get a hey. Life is cruel, man." Hey said jokingly. I laughed and he just sat back where he was sitting before, pouting.

"Hello, your highness Louis William Tomlinson. Better?" I said jokingly too. Finally, I was getting back to myself like when I just hang out with friends.

"Good enough to earn a hug." He said getting up again and stretching his arms.

"Yay!!" I said clapping my hands. He then hugged me for a total of 6 seconds. 6 seconds of total heaven.

"It's always nice to meet fans." He said just after pulling back from our hug.

"What about me?" Said Zayn who was sitting behind Louis. I couldn't see him because of Louis so I popped my head to the side and saw Zayn looking at me with a puppy-dog face.

"Awwwh. Hi Zayn." I said faking concern.

"Hello Diana." He got up and shook my hand smiling. His grip on my was soft and smooth. He looked into my eyes as I looked into his. His eyes were mesmerizing better than the 10000 photos that I've seen of him. They were tender and full of love and happiness. It was the best 10 seconds of life. It could've gone longer but thanks to Niall's laugh we had to break it and turn to him. I don't even know what he was laughing about. Oh well, I still love my Irish snowflake. Then Ethan, the camera man, came interrupting my thoughts.

"So shall we start?" He asked and we nodded in agreement.


We still have 15 minutes left and I already asked all the questions and got enough shots for the montage. The Interview went great. I asked question that I wanted to know. Benefits of the job. 2/5 were in relationship. They are Liam with the beautiful Danielle and Louis with the lovely Eleanor.

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