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Chapter 7: The Perfect Day

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We divided ourselves into 2 cars. Louis was driving my car (more like my sister's car) with Sienna and Niall and their bodyguard. And Harry was driving their car with Zayn, Liam and I with him. We arrived at the park and got off the cars. It was 2 in the afternoon and the park was empty plus it was spring so the weather was amazing. So everything was perfect.

"Ready? 1...2...3 Go!!" Louis said and the boys all disappeared and I was just standing there with Sienna completely puzzled. I saw a bucket full of water, water bottles and water balloons next to it then I knew what was happening. Water Fight.

"Oh, God." I said. Then I felt water thrown at me. I took off my blazer and heals so I was just in my black top and my pants.

I ran to where the water bottles were and opened one but before I could do anything, Louis threw a bucket of water on me. This is the times were we appreciate a water-proof mascara and a water-proof eyeliner.

"I hate you, Louis Tomlinson." I said.

"Don't hate the player, hate the game." He said which made me angrier so I threw like 3 water bottles on him. He was enjoying it. I was finalizing the 3rd bottle over Louis' head when Zayn came from the back and threw a bucket over my head and ran away. I ran behind him but I couldn't see him anymore. I saw Sienna

"Hey, Sienna. Do you know where Zayn is?" I asked her but she didn't answer she just smiled.

"What?" I asked her. Then I felt a grip over my stomach. It was him. I can feel it. He lifted me up and started twirling me around. I started laughing and giggling.

"Zayn...Please...Stop" I managed to say between laughs. He stopped and placed me on the ground and stood right in front of me. He never had been this close before. Our faces were just like 5 inches apart. Then I felt like it was raining. I looked up and it was the opened sprinkles in the park. Zayn and I started laughing. The sun hit the water perfectly so it made like little rainbows. It was an amazing view to share with an amazing guy.

He looked in my eyes and I looked in his. It felt like the world around us disappeared and it was only us standing under the rain. He held my hand with one of his hands and wiped a drop of water that was dropping on my face with the other hand. I couldn't move or speak at that moment. He started leaning in slowly.

"C'mon guys. We're taking a picture." Harry shouted making us break apart. Thank you, Harry. Always on time.

"Let's go." I said and walked towards the others and Zayn followed me. Maybe, just maybe Sienna is right and he really does like me. Nothing can ruin my mood, now.

"Who'll take the picture?" Sienna asked.

"The bodyguard." Niall answered and posed next to Harry. Zayn stood behind me and placed his head on my shoulder from behind. Sienna was beside me. Louis beside Sienna and Liam next to Harry and Niall. We all were absolutely soaking wet.

The bodyguard took the picture and we surrounded him, trying to see the picture. It was super cute. A memory I will never forget.

"This is going on twitter." Niall said.

"Do you have a twitter account?" Louis asked me.

"Yup. It's Diana Smith." I answered.

"Found you." Harry said. "Followed you." He continued and smiled at me.

"You know, it's really weird cause I wanted a follow from you so badly like 2 days ago and here I am today hanging out with you." I said.

"Do you have a twitter account?" Niall asked Sienna. I know what she'll answer.

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