Chapter 5: The Dinner

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"Now turn to the left." I told the driver.

"Thanks again" Liam told me gratefully.

"It's the 4th time you thank me and we didn't even arrive yet. And it's my pleasure to have you for dinner." I said.

"Who'll be there?" asked me Niall.

"Just my family and Jake." I answered.

"Jake's gonna be there?" Asked me Zayn looking at me with his wonderful eyes.

"Of course. Jake is essential." I told him and smiled.

"Splendid." Zayn said under his breath but I heard him. What is wrong with Jake? He's an amazing guy.

"Stop here please." I told the driver. He stopped and we got off the car.

"Wow! Your house is amazing." Said Harry looking at the house.

"Says the guy who probably has like 3 mansions but thanks."

"Which window is your bedroom's window?"

"The upper one on the left." I answered him, then moved towards the front door and rang the bell. Sienna opened.

"So, tell me all about it. How did it go? Are they cuter in person?" She said excitedly. I guess she hasn't seen them next to the car yet.

"Did you bring me their autographs?"

"Nope, even better." I told her.

"A video of them greeting me?!"

"Nope. Close your eyes and when I tell you to, open them. Deal?"

"Deal." She said closing her eyes. I told them to come closer and they did. They were standing right behind me.

"Okay. You can open your eyes." She did as I told her.

"OMG!! One Direction. ONE DIRECTION. ONE DIRECTION ARE STANDING IN FRONT OF ME." And that was the last thing she said before she passed out.

"Smooth." I said sarcastically.

"Well, you weren't any better." Zayn teased.

"At least. I didn't faint." I teased back.

"You were close to." Louis said.

"Okay it's official. I hate you." I said and went inside to wake Sienna up.

"Diana, you're ho-Oh, God. What happened to Sienna?" My mum said surprised.

"Them." I said pointing at One Direction who were standing outside.

"Oh. Hi. Come in." My mum said politely. They did and tried to wake Sienna up with me.

"What's her name?" Niall asked.

"Sienna" I answered. In the movies, they sprinkle some water on the person's face to wake him up. "I'll bring some water." I continued and rushed to my bedroom and through my handbag on the bed and then went to the bathroom and got some water.

I sprinkled the water on her face. She started moving her eyes. "Where's One Direction?" She asked and fully opened her eyes now. "Oh. God. It really is you." She said sitting up.

"What's going on? Oh. Diana, you're home. Aren't they the boyband you fangirl over all the time?" My older sister, Joelle said while taking her way over to us. Thanks a lot sis. Like I needed more embarrassment. They laughed at what my sister just said and I just sat there blushing.

"Okay enough. Hope you enjoyed my pain." I said getting up.

"Oh, c'mon. I think it's cute." Zayn said standing next to me and looking in my eyes.

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