Chapter 34: Birthday Party

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It is my birthday party. Everything is amazing. They really did a great job. There are a lot of people. I don't even know half of them. They paid some guy to record the party. It was truly amazing but I was kind of down. I didn't talk to Zayn since this party started. Every time one of us tries to go to the other, somebody stops him. He's leaving and I didn't get to spend time with him.

"You look kind of upset." Harry said and drank from the cup he was holding.

"I just...miss him." I said playing with my fingers.

"Who?" He asked.

"Johnny Depp." I answered sarcastically and he rolled his eyes.

"Zayn?" He asked.

"No, really Johnny Depp." I said.

"You've been away from each other for an hour plus you are in the same house and you already miss him. What will you do when we leave to London?" He said.

"I really don't know. I just miss him." I said.

"Go find him." He said.

"Every time I try to go where he is someone stops me and when--" I tried to say but Harry cut me off.

"Go find him." He said.

"But--" I was about to say but he cut me off again.

"Go!" He said.

"Fine. I'm going." I said and walked away. I found him talking with this girl I hate, Brittany. Her real name isn't even Brittany. She hates me, too. I don't know who invited her. She was flirting with Zayn. Nobody flirts with Zayn in front of me, especially her. I walked over to them and held Zayn's hand.

"Hey, baby." I said and kissed him. He kissed me back instantly. I wasn't doing this just to piss her off. I really missed him and I was enjoying it. It was kind of killing two birds with one stone. We kept kissing for a while.

"So Zayn..." She said and he was about to pull back but I held the collar of his shirt and pulled him even closer. He started kissing me back again. I pulled back after a while and Zayn smiled. I think he knows why I'm doing this.

"You don't like her. Do you?" He whispered in my ear and made it look like he was kissing my neck. I nodded and he planted a kiss on my neck and came back looking in my eyes.

"Remember what happened when we were in the room?" He asked. I was a bit confused but then I caught on. He was talking about the pay back.

"No. Not now." I said and he had a mischievous smirk on his face.

"Zayn." Brittany said as if I wasn't standing there.

"Oh, you're still here." I said and she just looked at me then back at Zayn.

"What about that number of yours?" She said.

"Um..." He said looking at me "I'm sorry. I don't give my number to anyone." He told her and I kissed him again.

"So you finally kissed a guy." She said so I pulled back.

"Sorry. I'm not a slut but maybe you can give me some lessons later." I said and walked away with Zayn. He high-fived me.

"Thank you for not doing anything." I said.

"Why do you hate her?" He asked me.

"She tries to bring me down always. Last year, I told her that I like a guy so she asked him out just because I said that I liked him." I said.

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