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Chapter 28: I Don't Love You

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"Diana!" Sienna said when she saw me. She was with my family waiting for me in the train station.

"Oh my God!" I said and ran to them. I just missed them a lot. Like a lot a lot. I hugged them all one by one.

"How are you?" My mum asked.

"I'm okay." I said.

"Are you sure? You seem a bit skinnier. Have you been eating?" She said quickly.

"I'm fine, mum." I said.

"My little girl." Dad said embracing me into another hug.

"I missed you the most, daddy." I said.

"Why isn't Zayn with you? I used to see you on the newspapers and magazines with him." My little sister, Maria, asked opening my wounds again. My smile faded away remembering Zayn.

"He couldn't come with me." I said trying to fake a smile.

"It's okay, honey." My mum said.

"Yeah. Okay." I said in a low voice. "I really missed you guys. I didn't even think that I could miss you that much." I said changing the subject.

"We missed you, too. How's the boys?" Sienna said.

"They're all fine. I saw them in the train station before I came here." I said.

"Was Zayn with them?" She asked me.

"Um...No, he wasn't. I'm not good enough for him to say goodbye." I said almost crying.

"Okay. Stop asking about Zayn. Just pretend like nothing happened." My older sister, Joelle, said.

"Let's go home." My dad said and we got out of the train station.

~~Zayn's POV~~

"Hey guys. Heading to Manchester. Wish me luck :) xxx" I texted the boys when I was on the train going to Manchester. To Diana. It was 3:45 so I would be in Manchester around 7:00. I have to call Sienna first because I don't know Diana's address. I dialed her number and waited for her to pick up.

"Hello?" She said.

"Hello Sienna. It's Zayn." I said.

"Oh my God. Is--" She tried to say but I shushed her.

"Don't let anyone know that you're taking to me now." I said.

"Okay. I walked to another room." She said.

"Was Diana next to you?" I asked.

"Yes. She was" She answered.

"I'm in the train right now. I'm coming to Manchester." I said

"No. Don't. She doesn't want to see you." She said.

"But she doesn't understand. She thinks that I didn't show up to the cinema. Doesn't she?" I said.

"Yes. Did you?" She said.

"Of course I did. You can see some articles about yesterday with pictures. Do me a favor and show them to her." I said.

"Okay. I'll try to." She said.

"Thank you so much. Now, can you please give me her address?" I said.

"If you want I can pick you up." She offered.

"That'd be great. Thank you." I said gratefully.

"When should I come?" She asked.

"Around 7." I said and we said goodbye then hung up. I looked at my phone screen and I had 3 texts.

"Are you out your mind?! Going to Manchester now?!? You must be crazy. It's MUCH better in the spring. Wish you the best of luck!!! :) xxx" Louis' text said. Louis always makes me feel better even if he's not with me.

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