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Chapter 3: The Award Ceremony

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I got out of car to see flashing lights from the cameras in my hazel eyes. There were a lot of celebrities there. I don't assume One Direction arrived yet. I stareted walking with my work buddy, Jacob. He was interviewing Rihanna. Lucky boy, but not as lucky as me.

As I was walking with Jake, I glimpsed them from behind. I JUST SAW ONE DIRECTION.

"OMG! OMG Jake, One Direction. I'm standing behind One Direction!" I said not able to breathe properly.

"I wonder what you'll do when you interview them." He said. Jake was like my big brother that I never had.

I ignored him and kept my eyes on One Direction who were being interviewed by some guy I don't know.

"Earth to Diana!!" He shouted near my right ear.

"Awwwh, they left." I said sadly.

"Did you even listen to a word I said? Anyway, we should leave too." He said holding my hand and pulling me behind him.


"Let me kiss you" Harry sang softly. I sang along. It was my first time seeing One Direction on stage. It was total of 6 letters .HEAVEN.

"Oh baby, baby. Don't you know you got what I need. Looking so good from your head to your feet. C'mon come over here, over here. C'mon come over here. Yeah." Sang Zayn with his angelic voice.

"Jake, Jake. Did you see? He looked in our direction. Zayn Malik just looked in our direction. OMG! I love him so much." I fangirled to Jake.

"Yeah.Yeah. You must be flying now." Jake said, sounding kinda bored

"Trust me, I am. I still can't believe they're right in front of me." I said excitedly.


I enjoyed the rest of the night. I saw a lot of singer and actors that I really love like Demi Lovato, Bruno Mars, Emma Watson and Keegan Allen... I had the best time, but it's time to go backstage to interview One Direction. What if I messed up and couldn't talk to them? Oh God. What would they think about me?

"I can't do this." I said

"Sure you can." Jake said trying to encourage me.

"But what if I messed up, or like fell or-" Jake cut me off.

"What if you were great and the interview went great? Everything in life happens with one step you take." he said. Maybe he's right. Maybe I should go for it.

"Okay. I'm going, but first how do I look?" I asked him

"Great, as always." He said smiling.

"Thanks Jake. You're the best." I said giving him a hug.

"I know. I get that a lot. Now go before you're late." He said letting me go.


I walked through the hall way and had a clipboard in my hand that had every little detail written on it, like in which room I'll interview the boys in and what should I ask and what I shouldn't and stuff like that.

"Hey. Do you know where the room 3b is?" I asked the bodyguard.

"Keep walking forward. It should be the 5th door after here." He answered.

"Thank you." I said politely and walked away.

I got there. Room 3b. They are behind this door. I can hear their voices. Well, you can hear their voices from down the hallway. Should I knock or just open the door? Ugh. I don't know what to do.

After 2 minutes of thinking I decided to go the polite way. Knocking.

"Come in." They chorused. OMG. I heard their voices. I can't take it anymore. My heart beating was getting faster by the second as I opened the door.

A/N:Cliffhanger!!! :P Hope you liked it and I'll be updating soon :) --D xxx

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