Chapter 14

Losing All Said Straws

Elle and I lined up with the rest of the guys. I started spinning and bouncing the ball on the tips of my fingers before I jumped up and slammed the ball down with full force, earning another score for our team. As we played I heard Sam and Jett's wolf whistles. The other team seemed to be having fun and I wondered why we couldn't do these friendly matches more often, though I didn't have to wonder for very long. Determined to earn some points for his team, Sean jumped up and dunked the ball and in my attempt to stop the ball from touching the sandy floor, I jumped in it's way, attempting to throw it back only it landed directly on my fingers. I swore as I heard a light *snap* when the ball made contact and tumbled to the ground. I bit my lip and shook my hand, trying to get the small tinge of pain to go away when the sand beneath me immediately darkened. I was confused up until I realised that Sean and Logan had swarmed over me, both trying to make sure I was fine whilst pushing the other out of the way.

A girl in the middle of two massive, well-built guys both holding her by the shoulders and checking her was truly a site to see. I told them that I was fine but they were caught up in their own argument.

"This is your fault! Why'd you throw the ball that hard?" Logan yelled at Sean, pointing his finger at him accusingly to further make his point clear.

"My fault? Weren't you the one who let her join the game in the first place?"

"Why wouldn't I let her join? It was a friendly game!"

And so on, so forth. I see no need in going into further details. The rest of the pack members on either teams backed away and walked off, realizing that this useless argument was going nowhere anytime soon. I tried moving from in between them but they were both gripping my arms tightly, too consumed into what they were saying to even acknowledge my presence there.

'Help me!' I mouthed towards Jett. He only laughed, shook his head and got out his phone to record the scene. I glared at him but Cassie soon came to my aid, releasing me from their grasp when they both weren't looking. I thanked her and shook my head.

"I'm getting tired of this," I said, sitting back onto the towel.

"Are you kidding me? Isn't this what every girl wants? Two hot guys fighting over her? I think it's cute!" Elle said, trying to make a firm point when there really wasn't one. Maybe I was just selfish, or maybe I couldn't recognize a good thing when it happens but I was just tired of the back and forth going on and if anything, the situation wasn't anything like they portrayed it in the movies. A few minutes later, I found myself talking to Jett and trying to get to know him better. I literally knew no one from Logan's pack except Sam and Cass of course, Jett and I merely saw Chandler and Josh once. I was talking about my job, telling him about Eric, how they'd be great friends since they're personalities are so indifferent and making jokes about it when I heard Logan growling. I frowned, the fight was getting serious now.

"Jett," I warned, interrupting myself when I saw Sean shaking. Jett immediately sprung in action to protect his Alpha, followed closely by Sam who was holding Sean back. I ran up to them, pushing Logan back from his chest.

"If you're such a big talker why don't you dare make a move?" Logan asked angrily, beginning to shake too.

"There's the upcoming fight for that! Or are you chickening out on that too?"

"Logan, calm down. It's not worth it," I whispered to him, trying desperately to calm him down, for Sean's sake. He shook his head, clenching his jaw. He ran a hand through his hair to calm himself down and slowly walked away while the rest of the pack and I followed close behind.

"No surprise there, walking away! At least Ashley can see who's the tougher man, now!" Sean shouted, thinking he had won but this was Logan's last straw. He turned back, charged at Sean and burst into his magnificent wolf form whilst in mid-air and landed with a deep, horrific growl that would make even the biggest man go to cry in a corner. Sean smirked, thinking that he was finally getting what he wanted, a chance at redemption, revenge and shifted too. The wolves attacked each other and my heart began racing, yelling at them to stop. Jett quickly shifted into the biggest, silvery-grey wolf I'd ever seen while Sam pushed Elle and Cassie away protectively.

Jett didn't attack Sean though, he merely deflected his attacks from Logan and stood by his side, which I was thankful for. A few pack members from Sean's pack had ran somewhere, a mission clearly set in their eyes while the other members worked on holding him back. As they held him firmly, Logan backed down. I noticed that he was trying desperately to regain control over himself from his wolf who was obviously screaming bloody murder in his head at Sean who was hinting at taking his mate for himself. A few seconds later, a dark black wolf arrived, growling deeply. He was almost double Jett's size and matched Logan in size, showing that he was also an Alpha, though it was still evident that he did not match Logan in strength what-so-ever. The wolf continued growling though not at Logan but at Sean. Sean's head was immediately directed towards the ground, hiding his face from his superior shamefully. As the other wolves escorted him away. It looked like Alpha Brendon was speaking to Logan through mind-link as they looked intensely at each other, each wolf nodding in response. All Alphas could communicate with one another through mind-link, in short range of course.

The black wolf walked away, bowing his head respectfully at Logan before Logan returned the favour. Logan ran to the forest, presumably to change and the rest of us just sat in silence.

"That escalated quickly," Jett mentioned and shrugging the situation off like it was just some scene in a movie. I was too shocked for words, confused by all of my emotions. I was angry, no furious at Sean, scared for him and yet, I felt immense pride. Logan backed down, twice! Even though he was set on completely ripping Sean to pieces, he was only trying to protect his title, knowing that I'd be crushed if anything happened to Sean.

Logan soon came out of the bushes, wearing his basket-ball shorts and a thin T-shirt. His hair was disheveled and he had the strangest look plastered over his handsome face only tainted by the tiniest scratch that was inflicted when Sean attempted to swipe his claws at him.

"I'm so sorry, Ashley. I just couldn't let him walk all over me like that. He needed to learn some respect and..." he was cut short while I pressed my lips to his. I felt his smile as he pulled me even closer. His hands had a firm grasp on my hips as he pulled me impossibly closer to him.

"Well...That's not completely awkward," Jett commented, getting up from the ground and dusting himself off. "I shall leave you guys in piece," The others waved at him while Logan and I didn't really acknowledge him. We were too caught up in each other while the others eventually followed suite and left also, leaving me with Logan.

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