I felt a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. My nervousness was through the roof and my heart began to beat so fast that it hurt my chest as we ran towards Alpha Brandon's land. Was anyone hurt? Were there many rogues? Why were they attacking his land? But especially, was Sean okay? I feared the answers to all of those questions...

From a few yards away, I could already see that a war had been started. Wolves fiercely attacking each other, biting at each other's throats. With my lack of knowledge about all things werewolf, I had never seen a fight such as this one and suddenly, I began to fear for Logan's life. Logan was the strongest wolf I knew but seeing these rogues made me feel even more uneasy. If Logan got hurt I don't know what I'd do.

"Keep up, Sam!" Logan encouraged and Sam's legs began to gradually move faster as we neared the area. I quickly turned away to the direction of the evacuating people and protected them as they ran to a safer region. I even had children ride on my back and the wounded from both packs were taken to our land for medical attention. 

It felt like it had been hours but the fight was still raging. I noticed that we had managed to evacuate everyone safely but saw a few other people rushing to the other side. I was confused but walked towards them none-the-less. I was sure whose pack they were in, Bredon's or Logan's. I had yet to meet them and inform them that I was Luna, though I'm sure that most of them already knew that.


(Back at Alpha Brendon's land while Ashley was helping out with evacuation)

"Jett! On your left!" Logan yelled as he swiftly dodged a rogue and knocked out another. The rogues kept coming out from everywhere, fighting at every angle. It was safe to say that Logan was completely shocked by their numbers. They could have been an entire pack for all he knew and it suddenly seemed stupid to call them rogues, lonely, homeless wolves as they clearly weren't lonely and they were probably attacking to take Alpha Brendon's land.

Logan surveyed the land, making sure all of his pack members were okay as he aided the wounded out of the battle field and helped those who seemed outnumbered or outmatched. As he was surveying the land, a rogue sprung at him. The beast’s over sized paws rammed into his chest making him fall back in astonishment and rage. It’s weight slammed into him as the two of them collided into the packed dry earth of the forest. Logan quickly got to his feet. He wasn't about to let a mere-less rogue win a fight against him, the Alpha. He growled in a deadly tone making the rogue shiver slightly but it knew it's orders and charged at Logan anyway. Logan prepared for impact and planned his tactics but immediately felt a presence behind him. He knew what they were doing, they were concentrating on getting the Alpha out of the way. He was about to turn and attack but Jett quickly swooped in, shoving the rogue into a tree and severely biting it's right shoulder. Logan nodded in Jett's direction, showing appreciation as he continued his fight. 

They had managed to take out the wolves in their region and the ones who were left were quickly retreating to the end of the forest. Jett and Josh were goofing off, celebrating their victory but Logan had a bad feeling that something wasn't quite right.

"Jett," he said in his usual authoritative voice. The wolves stopped goofing off and stiffened as they walked towards him to hear his orders.

"What is it, Alpha?" Josh asked.

"We've cleared this area but we don't know how Alpha Bredon's doing further in on his land. Gather our pack member and go to aid him. Take out any rogue you set your eyes on," They nodded and left and Logan quickly followed suit after he made sure that no rogues were left or hiding in the area.

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